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10 collections unveiling the essence of Flos lighting, between timeless classics and new icons

From a simple light bulb emerges a collection of objects that redefine the essence of living. This vision drives Flos to create iconic lamps and new designs that share an innovative and sustainable soul. Collaborating with leading contemporary designers, Flos embodies a cutting-edge culture of light that sets the standard for both aesthetics and functionality. From Gino Sarfatti's 1097 to Vincent Van Duysen's Gustave Residential, Flos presents a curated selection of timeless classics and new icons in lighting design.

2097/30 Flos

The chandelier, envisioned by Gino Sarfatti in 1958, is a contemporary masterpiece that reimagines the aesthetics of modernism by incorporating industrial elements. The 2097 lamp is a timeless classics that illuminates spaces with sophisticated elegance, now offered in a new matte white finish.

Parentesi Flos
Flos Parentesi
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Flou Gentleman
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Flou Majal Bed
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Flou Gentleman
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Drawing inspiration from the parenthesis symbol, this iconic lamp was envisioned by Pio Manzù and later brought to life by Achille Castiglioni in 1971. Featuring a light bulb that moves vertically along a steel cable stretched between the ceiling and the floor, the Parentesi lamp embodies create genius and a passion for everyday objects, a dialogue that never took place.

Parentesi 50
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Pio Manzù had passed away two years prior when Castiglioni had the opportunity to review his drawings. Among them, he was drawn to a design featuring a cylindrical light-emitting tin, mounted on a rod extending from the ceiling to the floor, capable of rotating halfway, moving up, down, and stopping. This was the original concept that gave life to the Parentesi lamp.

Parentesi  Flos Pio Manzù Achille Castiglioni
Parentesi Doppia
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Ariette Flos

Tobia Scarpa conceived Ariette in 1973 with the idea of stretching a canvas on walls and ceilings to achieve diffused lighting, emanating from four bulbs placed beneath the diffuser. The synthetic fabric, adorned with a decorative pattern featuring two semicircles, pays homage to the Aries zodiac sign, also reflected in the lamp's name.

Ariette Flos Plywood DCW Vitra
Vitra Plywood DCW
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Flos Ariette
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Frisbi Flos

Frisbi, designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1978, showcases futuristic features. Its flat opaline diffuser, hooked to three thin, almost invisible steel wires, reflects light to create the illusion of a floating design, emitting both focused and diffused light.

Stylos Flos
Flos Stylos
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Edra Flap
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Essential yet sculpturally elegant, the Stylos lamp, designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1984, resembles a modern candle, radiating light from both below and above to create a gentle, ambient glow.

Romeo Moon S2
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Among Philippe Starck's most romantic creations, the Romeo Moon lamp collection features a molded pleated glass shade that emits a soft, diffused light without glare. This collection offers various indoor and outdoor options, catering to diverse uses in both residential and commercial settings.

Glo-Ball C
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Glo-Ball Suspension
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Jasper Morrison's Glo-Ball series for Flos stands as one of the most beloved collections, renowned for its simplicity and expressiveness. The Glo-Ball lamps are designed to evoke a serene ambiance, reflecting the soothing embrace of the full moon in both their shape and the softness of their light.

Mayday Portable Lamp
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The Mayday lamp embodies a simple yet practical design, striking the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. With the introduction of Mayday outdoor, designed to go everywhere, Konstantin Grcic's collection achievies a new level of versatility.

Mayday Portable Lamp - Outdoor
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Gustave Residential Flos
Gustave Frisbi Flos
Flos Frisbi
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Flos Gustave
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Originally conceived as a table lamp for hospitality settings, the Gustave portable lamp, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, emits the perfect light for dining, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance in any space.

To-Tie Flos
To - Tie T2
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To-Tie is a creation by Guglielmo Poletti, embodying the principles of "self-explanatory" design. Its simple yet striking design emerges from the assembly of essential element held together solely by mechanical tension, without screws, glues, or welding. A modern example of ready-made art, aligning with Flos' DNA and the brand's sustainable philosophy.

To - Tie T3
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