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Home office solutions for compact, concealed workstations

Home office furniture seamlessly blending into your spaces, revealing its presence only when required. With versatile tops and a design that combines functionality and aesthetics, these pieces embody the evolving work dynamics between home and office. Rediscover the luxury of a discreet workstation, compact and concealed, ready to be used without encroaching on your living areas.

Unifor Touch Down Unit Molteni&C
Touch Down Unit
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Touch Down Unit Molteni&c

Within the realm of modern office furniture, Molteni&C's Touch Down Unit stands out. This luxury home office desk boasts a compact and mobile design with practical retractable castors, revealing well-equipped storage compartments that transform it into a customizable and complete workstation.

Follow Me Small
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Tailored for compact home offices, meeting spaces, and coworking areas, Mara's Follow Me multitasking table series boasts remarkable flexibility. With a foldable top, easy-to-move wheels, and adjustable height for seamless sit-stand use, it combines outstanding functionality with an ultra-slim design.

Follow me Small Mara
Mara Icon
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Mara Follow Me Small
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Buddyhub Desk
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Pedrali Buddy HubDesk

Pedrali's Buddy Hubdesk is designed to carve out a personal workspace at home. The sound-absorbing panels provide a secluded environment, mirroring the professional setting of large contract offices. Despite its compact size, its modular design is ideal for coworking and meeting areas.

Bureau Schönbuch
Vitra Akari 9A
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Schönbuch Bureau
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Small designer desks, like like Schönbuch's Bureau and Akira, reveal their transformative qualities through aesthetically elegant designs that seamlessly transition into consoles or vanity stations with pull-out shelves, effortlessly blending into the room they inhabit.

Studio Secretary Montana
STUDIO Secretary
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Appearing as a suspended piece of furniture, Montana's Studio Secretary conceals a practical desk within its colorful, accessorized design, seamlessly complementing any space. With a simple gesture, the drop-down top transforms into a desk, and when closed, it cleverly doubles as storage space.

String Home Office Nerd Muuto
String Work Desk
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String Side Panel
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String Cabinet
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String String Shelves System
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Muuto Nerd
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String Home Office

The modular String systems create versatile, well-equipped walls for storing work documents, books, accessories, and personal items. A compact worktop, doubling as a desk, seamlessly integrates with storage modules and open shelves, forming a multifunctional ecosystem.

Home Office String
String String Modular Bookshelf
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Vitra Wiggle Side Chair
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String Museum
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Ptolomeo Shelf Opinion Ciatti
Opinion Ciatti Pepe
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Opinion Ciatti Ptolomeo Shelf
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Bookcases can effortlessly transform into functional workspaces. Take the renowned Ptolomeo by Opinion Ciatti, equipped with a small shelf to morph into a cozy reading nook or a convenient laptop workstation. Following a similar concept, Pacifico creates a wall of books with an elevated desk shelf, perfect for reading, writing, or as a home office setup.

Pacifico Opinion Ciatti
Opinion Ciatti Mammamia
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Opinion Ciatti Pacifico M Desk
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Kaari Artek
Molteni&C Kaari
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Artek 60 Stool
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Vitra Aslak
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With its multiple configurations and elements, the Kaari series by Artek allows you to create a tailored space for home-working. This piece of furniture unveils a simple and essential design, embodying the functionality required for a compact and versatile workstation.

Kaari Domus Artek
Artek Kaari
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Artek Domus
ArtekDomus Shop online
Kaari Riva Artek
Artek Kaari Wall Shelf
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Artek KG002 Rival
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Artek Kori
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