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&Tradition's new outdoor collections: where art meets nature

In the embrace of spring's awakening, &Tradition welcomes the season with the introduction of two new outdoor collections: Thorvald and Ville. Inspired by the pure joy of outdoor living, these new additions broaden the company's outdoor selection. With a focus on functionality and durability, each piece showcases an informal yet refined style that reflects the minimalist aesthetics of the Danish brand.

Thorvald SC94
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Drawing inspiration from the neoclassical elegance of the renowned Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen, honored with a dedicated museum in the heart of Copenhagen, the Thorvald collection by Space Copenhagen features subtle, sculptural profiles.

Thorvald SC101
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Thorvald SC102
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&Tradition Thorvald SC102
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&Tradition Thorvald SC101
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The seats' graphic lines create a captivating interplay of light and shadow, shaping a design that possesses a chameleon-like adaptability. Whether nestled in a residential space or in a contract setting, or even gracing a garden or a terrace, this element effortlessly molds itself to the unique context it inhabits.

Thorvald SC102
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&Tradition Flowerpot VP9
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&Tradition Thorvald SC100
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&Tradition Thorvald SC97
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The series features a range of round and square tables, each available in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of space requirements. Complementing these is an array of dining and lounge chairs, alongside a versatile element that serves both as a stool and a side table. The geometric metal design gains an extra layer of comfort with the addition of seat cushions.

&Tradition Flowerpot VP9
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&Tradition Ville AV27
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&Tradition Ville AV33
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&Tradition Ville AV26
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Drawing inspiration from the embrace of nature and the inherent warmth of wood, Anderssen & Voll's Ville collection emerges as a softer, warmer counterpart to Thorvald's essential, graphic style.

Ville AV27
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The collection consists of dining chair and armchair, as well as a bench, available in two sizes, and a table. Each element features an elegant metal frame as its base, harmoniously blending with the texture of wood —Anderssen & Voll's signature touch—employed in crafting the table and benches.

Ville AV34
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&Tradition Ville AV25
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&Tradition Ville AV34
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&Tradition Ville AV28
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&Tradition Como SC53
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The table and bench tops, crafted from teak, offer a warm and inviting surface, evoking a natural charm. A meticulously strap weave adds a cozy touch to the back and seat, providing unparalleled comfort that can be elevated with the addition of cushions. In the armchair, the wooden armrests contribute to a sense of visual cohesion.

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