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In memory of Andrea Branzi: a design legend

Andrea Branzi, renowned for his profound impact on the realms of furniture, art objects, and architecture, was an iconic presence in the contemporary design landscape. His creative journey encompassed a broad array of disciplines, including industrial design, interior design, architecture, and design theory. In 1987, he received the prestigious Compasso d'Oro Career award, an undeniable testament to his enduring influence in this industry.

In 1966, Andrea Branzi joined forces with Massimo Morozzi, Paolo Deganello, and Gilberto Corretti to establish a pioneering collective that would leave an indelible mark on the landscape of radical design thinking: Archizoom Associati.

Among their most celebrated creations stands the Superonda, an avant-garde series of modular seating that boldly challenges the conventional notions of space and comfort. Produced by Poltronova, the Superonda marked a groundbreaking departure from the traditional sofa design. It reflected the radical group's visionary approach, transcending mere practicality to embrace the emotional and communicative dimensions of furniture. Consisting of two sinuous waves carved from a single polyurethane block, its innovative S-shaped incision allows for endless configurations. Superonda isn't just a sofa, it's a canvas for your imagination, transforming effortlessly into a bed, a chaise longue, or whatever you envision.

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"Objects possess a soul; they become the companions of our everyday existence." Andrea Branzi

The concept behind the Newton lamp, brought to life by Nemo, was to encapsulate the very essence of Isaac Newton's groundbreaking theory of gravity within a singular, illuminating object. Through the creation of this floor lamp, Andrea Branzi masterfully showcases his visionary thinking, seamlessly intertwining scientific, aesthetic, and conceptual elements into a single, functional work of art.

For five decades, Andrea Branzi has been our guiding light in the world of design, sharing his wisdom through a wealth of books and thought-provoking articles published in the Domus magazine. His words have composed some of the most captivating and enlightening pages, leaving an indelible impression on generations of designers. Through his insightful writings, he steered the discourse on functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability in the realm of design.

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His publications have been instrumental in shaping our understanding of design, both as a distinct discipline and as a profound cultural expression. What determines the unique shapes of objects? How is the journey towards achieving a balance between functionality and aesthetics set in motion?

The President of the Triennale Milano, Stefano Boeri, offers a heartfelt tribute, describing him as a towering figure in radical thinking of human spaces, a discerning historian of Italian design, and a visionary creator with the ability to playfully dwell in alternate universes and parallel world

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