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Arco K, the limited edition of the iconic Flos lamp that revolutionized the world of design

Flos introduces a Limited Edition of one of the most iconic objects in the history of design, the Arco lamp designed 60 years ago by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. A visionary lighting project, a synthesis of ingenuity, simplicity and perfection, celebrated in the new Arco K reinterpretation.

Arco K - Flos
Castiglioni Scketch

In a truly unforgettable manner, Arco K wants to remember the Castiglioni brothers’ masterpiece which debuted in 1962, the same year that saw the birth of the company. This double birthday merits the restyling of the iconic floor lamp, which therefore becomes a collector's item in a limited edition, only available online in 2022 numbered pieces.

The Arco by Flos is the best-known floor lamp in the world, designed in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. A project born from the need to create a suspended floor lamp that would project its light onto a table without requiring holes in the ceiling. Therefore, the very heavy marble base is nothing more than a counterweight to support the large metal arch, inspired by a street lamp design. And the hole, made in the centre of gravity of the base, was not conceived as decoration but as a device to easily lift the base.

Arco - Flos

The designers are both from Milan and graduated in Architecture from the Politechnic. Achille has received nine Compassi d'Oro and Pier Giacomo five. A common background that marks the history of Italian and world design. With its precise lines and acute attention to the use of materials, the Arco dei Castiglioni is a hybrid product, with a vocation for suspension.

Arco k - Flos

Arco is the lamp that has established new rules in the interaction between table and lighting fixture, with a release from a fixed position on the ceiling. An advantage that becomes highly functional as it can be placed practically anywhere, arriving directly with its light point on the desired place. Arco is freedom of movement combined with the creation of new light and shadow games within your spaces.

Arco K - Flos

The new limited edition emphasises its structure, from the essential line of the arch to the innovative crystal base, a transparent material that reveals the mechanics of the lamp. An icon that, in this new version, becomes even more sculptural, graphic and artistic.

Arco K - Flos

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