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Artemide Architectural Indoor: New Collections

With its new Architectural Light collections, Artemide reaffirms its pioneering role in creating innovative and sustainable lighting systems. These systems not only enhance the space but also feature extremely flexible and aesthetically advanced designs. The Architectural Indoor collection introduces new projects previewed at Euroluce 2023 and showcased this year at Milan Design Week.

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Artemide unveils the groundbreaking Somnium project by Carlotta Bevilacqua. This essential solution is distinguished by its transparency, incorporating an optical cell that functions as a diffuser, lens, and anti-glare component. The result is a comfortable light within a minimalist and sustainable design.

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Funivia is an architectural lighting system designed to overcome any obstacle, evoking limitless pathways of light with its name. Comprising just a few elements—a rope, cable, and fixing nails—this hyper-essential product offers great potential for defining the light-space relationship. A “bridge” element allows for the flexible arrangement of light fixtures, granting extreme freedom in light design.

Sylt, another creation by Carlotta Bevilacqua, transcends architectural limits with its transformable track that adapts to the space's needs without geometric constraints.

The track, resembling a ribbon, runs freely through the space, allowing the combination of various lighting elements, from high-tech solutions like Vector and Helgoland to minimalist lamps like Sphere. Unique combinations, such as Unterlinden by Herzog & de Meuron, Gople mini, and BIG's La linea 25, offer unexpected solutions that blend functionality, versatility, and decorative charm.

The Turn Around collection features a small track designed to seamlessly integrate with the space's architecture. Various modules—linear, angled at 90°, or curved—can be combined to create unique and personalized shapes.

Turn Around
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The Turn Around Floor and Square variants, with their minimalist design and ability to emit both direct and indirect diffuse light, adapt to any contract, professional, or residential environment.

The Turn Around Stand Alone also combines controlled direct emission with indirect diffuse light, ensuring high performance and excellent control of light emission.

The L'angolo lamp, designed by Giulia Foscari UNA/UNLESS, is designed to interact with the environment, seamlessly blending into the meeting point between walls. Its range of available colors and modular light points make it a customizable decorative element. The modular design, available in different heights, can easily accommodate reconfigurable diffused or accent lighting solutions thanks to its plug-in feature.

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