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Evocative and poetic Lighting: Artemide's latest Design Collection lamps

The 2024 Artemide collection epitomizes the brand's enduring commitment to research and innovation, breathing life to sustainable and pioneering lighting solutions. This collection introduces new lamps that merge traditional glassmaking with cutting-edge technological features. The designs are evocative, drawing inspiration from nature's enigmas and the poetic interplay of light.

Alambicco Collection Artemide
Artemide Alambicco Vertical
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Artemide Alambicco Horizontal
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Designed by Neil Poulton, the Alambicco lamp combines the ancient art of blown glass with contemporary technology. Resembling a floating, modular sculpture, it enhances spaces with its refined aesthetics. The design features a play of transparency and texture, subtly revealing its high-tech components.

Alambicco Detail Artemide
Alambicco Horizontal
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This collection not only highlights the uniqueness and exclusivity of handcrafted glass but also offers versatile modular designs that adapt creatively to various spaces.

Boltons Artemide

At the heart of the Boltons project by Herzog & de Meuron is a patented optical study, brilliantly showcased through Artemide's masterful glass craftsmanship. An internal air bubble introduces a poetic element to the design. This, coupled with a sophisticated interplay of reflections between the lens and the adjustable metal disc, directs the light with both elegance and precision.

Boltons Table lamp
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Criosfera 2024 Artemide
Criosfera Collection Artemide
Artemide Criosfera
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Artemide Criosfera Vertical
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The Criosfera lamps, designed by Giulia Foscari Una/Unless, exemplifies a synthesis of optical, material, and scientific knowledge, embodying a vision that bridges the present and the future.

The Criosfera lamp showcases a sophisticated layering of blown, recycled glass encased in an outer cylinder. At its core, an optical element not only refracts light but also symbolically represents the cryosphere—specifically the ice core drilled from ice caps and glaciers, which encapsulates our planet’s climatic history.

Criosfera Vertical Table Lamp
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Criosfera Horizontal Table Lamp
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Lune d'acqua Artemide
Artemide Lune d'acqua Suspension
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Inspired by the icy moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn, the Lune d'acqua collection by Benedetta Tagliabue and Ersilia Vaudo captures the essence of these celestial bodies in a captivating spherical lamp. Held in place by two metal rings, the sphere can freely rotate, adding a dynamic element to its design.

Lune d'acqua Table Lamp
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Lune d'Acqua Detail Artemide
Lune d'acqua Artemide

The interior integrates the patented optical principle of the Discovery lamp and evokes the familiar image of a marble, a symbol from our childhood. Its colorful core creates a movement that is simultaneously fluid and crystallized. Transparent when turned off, the lamp, when activated, emits light through microincisions, revealing a soft, three-dimensional wave.

Discovery Dialogue Artemide

Carlotta de Bevilacqua enriches this concept with the new Discovery Dialogue, introducing features that forge a dynamic relationship between light, space, and perception. A diagonal cut, reminiscent of Fontana’s renowned canvases, divides the surface to manage light in two distinct ways, creating a visual dialogue between contrasting or similar light emissions. This allows for independent variations within the two sections of light.

Discovery Dialogue Carlotta de Bevilacqua Artemide
Discovery Dialogue Detail Artemide

This system offers enhanced customization of lighting, providing color options that cater to individual preferences and rhythms. Its transparent design fosters well-being and facilitates a harmonious interaction with the surrounding environment.

Wish you were here Artemide

The Wish You Were Here lamp, designed by Carolina Gismondi de Bevilacqua, pays tribute to Ernesto Gismondi's innovative design. It incorporates the patented optical technology of the Discovery series into a new, three-dimensional form—achieved by bending a transparent sheet—tailored for smaller, intimate spaces.

Wish You Were Here
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Wish you were here Artemide

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