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Artemide's new light

Since 1960, Artemide has presented a selection of exclusive lamps with an international scope. New Made in Italy collections introduced on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2022 explore innovative solutions in the area of technology and sustainable design.

Artemide La Linea
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A flexible lighting tube casts its indefinite shapes in space, giving rise to a series of new and spectacular combinations. The endless patterns of light in La Linea 25 articulate new meanings, bringing together innovation and emotion.

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Designed 50 years ago, the iconic Tizio lamp returns in a special red version. Thanks to the new LED source and smart components, it retains its usual smooth and harmonious look.

Artemide Tizio
ARTEMIDEStellar Nebula
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Artemide Stellar Nebula

The lamps in the Stellar Nebula collection create unique luminous effects, revealing superior blown glass workmanship that enhances the characteristics of the material and its shapes.

Artemide Se eS

With its mirrors on both faces and versatile side light, the Se|eS lamp enhances its surroundings with dynamic new perspectives and multiple settings.

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Artemide Ketà Mètron
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Artemide Flexia
ARTEMIDE Slicing Stem
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ARTEMIDE Slicing Bollard
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Artemide Slicing
Artemide El Poris
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Artemide Alphabet
Artemide Takku
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