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\The Collection: B&B Italia's heritage takes center stage with the 2024 collection at Milan Design Week

During Milan Design Week 2024, the B&B Italia showroom on Via Durini becomes the backdrop for a new chapter in the brand's history. With the \The Collection exhibition, artistic director Piero Lissoni creates an installation that celebrates the future of the company through a journey into the past, showcasing the historical collections that form B&B Italia's heritage.

The 2024 collection introduces never-before-seen pieces by Piero Lissoni, Monica Armani, Tiziano Guardini, and Luigi Ciuffreda in their debut collaboration with the brand. These creations, along with iconic and best-selling designs that have set new trends and reshaped the contemporary lifestyle, mark a pivotal moment in the brand's evolution.

Showroom B&B Italia Milan Design Week 2024
Milan Design Week 2024 Showroom B&B Italia
Assiale Marble B&B Italia

Piero Lissoni introduces two tables to the 2024 collection, boasting an essential silhouette enriched with sculptural details.

The Assiale table showcases a commanding presence, combining functionality with a distinct aesthetic flair in two versions: extendable and fixed. The extendable model features a remarkable extension mechanism, allowing for a seamless increase in table size by effortlessly sliding the top.

Assiale Piero Lissoni B&B Italia
Assiale Extendable B&B Italia
Piero Lissoni x B&B Italia Assiale Collection

“It is a perfect bridge, it is my structural idea of a bridge or the base of a building. It is a suspended object and like any bridge it can have two faces: there is the bridge that stands still and the other that expands. It came to me thinking about the bridge that opens in the movie Blues Brothers, when they are making one of their first escapes, this thing fascinated me a lot.” _Piero Lissoni

Isos marble B&B Italia

The Isos table embodies transparency and visual lightness. Lissoni ingeniously incorporates cylindrical legs sculpted with a precise 35-degree angle that intersects the table top, enhancing the design's static nature and architecture.

B&B Italia Isos Marble
Isos Detail B&B Italia
Isos Wood B&B Italia
Isos Piero Lissoni x B&B Italia
Dambodue B&B Italia

The Dambo sofa series expands with a new addition, boasting larger dimensions and more generous proportions. Despite its more pronounced upholstered back and armrests, which lend it a formidable look, the Dambodue maintains an understated elegance, embodying the sophistication of truly elegant pieces.

Narinari B&B Italia
B&B Italia Narinari

In their debut collaboration with B&B Italia, Tiziano Guardini and Luigi Ciuffreda drew inspiration from marine life to create an armchair with a unique shape. Echoing the fluid motion of a sea eagle, Narinari features a dynamic interplay of concave and convex curves, a harmonious blend of two surfaces that unite in a cozy embrace.

Flair 'O Maxi Allure 'O Dot B&B Italia

Monica Armani revists the design of the Flair O' chair and Allure 'O table, offering new versions that preserve the original designs' hallmark features unveiled at Salone 2022, but in more compact dimensions. The Flair O' Maxi chair, with its lower and broader seating, pairs impeccably with the new Allure O' Dot table series, creating an exclusive lounge area.

Allure 'O Dot B&B Italia
Allure O' Dot Coffee Table B&B Italia

The Allure O' Dot series, including bistro and side tables, encapsulates the iconic design of the Allure O' tables, presented in a more dynamic and versatile way. The designer called this version "Dot", highlighting the glass tops' central motif that nods to the graphic style of the 1960s.

Naoto Fukasawa x B&B Italia Omoi

Naoto Fukasawa introduces the brand-new Omoi armchair to B&B Italia's 2024 collection. With a sinuous, enveloping silhouette, the chair recalls the iconic Scandinavian designs from the 1950s yet is infused with Fukasawa's distinctive Japanese sensibility.

Omoi B&B Italia
B&B Italia Omoi

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