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Not just wash basins: bathroom sculptures

Whether countertop, suspended or freestanding, integrated into walls or at the center of the bathroom, one thing is certain when it comes to designer wash basins: they are true works of art.

They stimulate the creativity and technique of their designers and of the brands that produce them, driving them to play with geometries, depths, optical and tactile effects. But the challenge is met only when beautiful aesthetics and functionality come together, as well as the structure and the high quality of the different parts. Marble and stone, solid wood, ceramics, innovative and environmentally sustainable materials, selected to transform the bathroom in a refined space, with furnishings that have nothing to envy to the ones in the other rooms of the house.

Ptit - Rexa
Ptit - Rexa Design

The necessity was to create a compact wash basin that would not lose any of its beauty, cleanliness and fluid forms, to furnish even the smallest of bathrooms. P'tit, designed by Monica Graffeo for Rexa Design, is made with Korakril™ Blend and is available in five different colors, including white, gray, and taupe. And just as it does not compromise on aesthetics, neither does it compromise on functionality, with its carefully designed accessories such as the shelf, towel rack and leather-finished bowls.

Rexa DesignO_O
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A freestanding wash basin that plays with geometry, with a carefully planned composition. The interplay is between two cylinders: the horizontal one rests on the support column, but it appears to be only just doing so, almost as if it preferred to remain floating. O_O is designed by Studio Bartoli Design for Rexa Design, and it shows how structural and aesthetic balance can come together. Further enhancing the sculptural character are the finishes in Corian® or Marquinia and Carrara marble, with the revolutionary Acid Shield treatment that protects from acids, colorants and grease.

O_O  - Rexa Design
Rexa DesignRoll
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Roll - Rexa Design

Once again Rexa Design, once again a freestanding wash basin that does not betray the brand's trend to interpret bathroom furniture as sculptures. Roll is made of black Marquinia or Carrara marble, and the surface can be either smooth or striped, emphasizing another aspect of Rexa's philosophy: its wash basins stimulate the senses, and in particular tactile and visual perception, as they become the protagonists of the rooms they furnish.

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"Like a classic element, it conveys an ideal of absolute beauty." It is no exaggeration for Antoniolupi to define its 024 in this way, a freestanding wash basin by Gumdesign. In fact, it has a resemblance to the art of classical times, due to the contrasting alternation of black and white - timeless colors of universal elegance - and the combination of geometries. But it also provokes an extremely contemporary feeling, due to the optical effects and visual perceptions. 24 like the number of segments of Carrara or black Marquinia marble joined by coloured resin.

024 - Antoniolupi
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Fluido -  Antoniolupi

"It comes from sinuous shapes that determine a relaxing and soft aesthetic value." And indeed its name is Fluido, by Carlo Colombo for Antoniolupi. A wash basin integrated into the wall, which gives the illusion of being part of it, of not being able to be separated from it except for the part that emerges from it. The light effects add further appeal and help interpret depths, heights, curves and volumes.

AgapeBjhon 1

The idea is by Angelo Mangiarotti and dates back to the 1970s. From there, Agape created Bjhon 1, another successful example of a freestanding wash basin. The truncated conical column can support two different basins, which can alternatively become countertops. It is available in white Carrara marble, Carnico grey, Marquinia black, and in Cristalplant® biobased - an innovative eco-friendly material that gives the surface an appearance similar to that of natural stone. It is the specific materials it can be made of that make it enchanting and also suitable for outdoor spaces, surrounded by nature or by the poolside.

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Marcel - Cielo

Solid curved wood, ash tinted black or natural, Vienna straw, and ceramic. Add expert craftsmanship in the working and shaping of the materials, and just like that, Marcel is born. Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano designed it for Cielo, inspired by the shapes of the Bauhaus, rational but with rounded corners. Class and refinement come together to create a cozy and elegant environment, just as much as the other rooms in the house.

Wing - Falper

Wing is hardly conventional. The trail it draws on the wall is reminiscent of futuristic cities, but also of the shape of wings as they move to take off and fly - as its name suggests. The wash basin designed by Ludovico Lombardi for Falper is a work of art of our time, a sculpture that creates an evocative balance between vertical and horizontal dimensions. Made of Cristalplant, it adds a soft touch and stone-like effect.

Wing - Falper
Bubbles - Kreoo

Marco Piva designs a unique wash basin for Kreoo that succeeds in the quest to give marble and stone the lightness typical of soap bubbles swirling in the air. It seems impossible, but not for Bubbles, with its rounded, sinuous profile, with curved sections joined by gold-plated brass profiles that add preciousness. The marble elements are available in different color variants and can be combined with one another to create both uniformity and contrasts in an extremely personal way.

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