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Baxter Indoor 2024: from past echoes to contemporary visions

At the heart of contemporary design, Baxter once again takes center stage with its 2024 Indoor collection, blending aesthetics and tributes to iconic designers and architects in a unified stylistic dialogue while holding the balance between the creators' different visions. Hanner Peer's designs exude 70s elegance and sophistication, merging innovation and versatility with pop culture and glam touches, exploring new horizons in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Aura Baxter
Baxter Aura

Hannes Peer's Aura modular sofa pays tribute to the era of the conversation pit, offering a base in either polished aluminum or rhubarb lacquer. Crafted to capture the elegance of John Lautner's Los Angeles architecture, this piece stands as a sophisticated focal point, designed to inspire conversation.

Pillow Baxter

Designed by Hannes Peer, the Pillow seat is an homage to Henry Moore's sculptural art and the architectural innovation of the Centre Pompidou. This armchair, supported by a high-tech metal scaffold, combines the plush comfort of its cushions with the robustness of its frame, unfolding like the petals of a flower.

Baxter Pillow
Loom Baxter

Peer's Loom table celebrates the harmonious blend of materials and aesthetic appeal, drawing inspiration from American kinetic art and postwar Brazilian design. Its captivating architectural base supports a fused glass top.

Loom Detail Baxter
Baxter Loom Detail
Aegates Ortigia Baxter
Aegates Baxter
Aegates Olaf Baxter

The Aegates tables, designed by the Baxter P style office, draw their inspiration from the shapes of archipelagos. Their glossy surfaces elegantly contrast with the poplar burl coffee tables, creating a harmony of balanced beauty.

Designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, Olaf is a lounge chair with generous, welcoming shapes, embodying the quality and elegance of Made in Italy design.

Baxter Stig

Roberto Lazzeroni's Stig seating, with its playful yet versatile design, effortlessly adapts to any setting, combining comfort and style. With its distinctive legs, the dining version is a tribute to the aesthetics of the 1950s and 60s, echoing the work of Jean Royere and beautifully complementing contemporary tables such as the Isamu.

Additionally, Lazzeroni's Isamu table has been updated with a new stone finish, further elevating its aesthetic appeal and uniqueness.

Isamu Stig Baxter
Isamu Marble Baxter
Lana Low Baxter
Baxter Lana Consolle

Christophe Delcourt's Lana series, featuring low and console tables, exemplifies the seamless fusion of geometric shapes and functionality into artful objects of use. The design's clever joints create a visual dialogue between the base and the top, striking the perfect balance of form and function.

Baxter Lana Fluid
So Soft Pouf Baxter
So Soft Bed Baxter

Studiopepe's So Soft collection, including a bed, dormeuse, and ottoman, invites relaxation with its soft, enveloping upholstered shapes. Supported by a metal frame, each piece seamlessly combines elegance and comfort.

Ortigia Aegates Weekend Baxter

Paola Navone's Ortigia armchair, as spacious as a dormeuse and adorned with intricate capitonné detailing, is a testament to elegance and comfort.

Federico Peri explores new functionalities with Weekend, a valet stand that combines a full-lenght mirror with a compact wardrobe/valet tray. Enhanced by Baxter's sophisticated leather finishes, this piece adds a luxurious touch, perfectly suited for both domestic settings and exclusive hotels.

Weekend Baxter
Weekend Mirror Baxter
Weekend Detail Baxter
Hive Baxter

Inspired by beehives and the concept of Wunderkammer, Pietro Russo designed the Hive, a furniture piece that showcases intricate geometries and reflective mirrors. Its genius lies in the innovative spatial organization, captivating onlookers.

Baxter Hive
Blend >Fluid Baxter
Blend Baxter

Peri combines practicality and style in Blend, a storage unit enveloped in leather and paired with an open metal bookcase. This versatile piece serves equally well as a closet or a bar cabinet, seamlessly adapting to diverse living requirements.

Baxter Dune
Dune Joe Baxter

Draga & Aurel pay homage to the 1970s pop glamour with the Dune collection. The Dune bookcase, crafted from stainless steel sheet metal, blends functionality with striking aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for refined, contemporary spaces

Dune Baxter
Fluid Baxter
Baxter Fluid

The large Fluid mirrors, with their graceful organic shapes and chocolate leather frames, are elegant furnishings that enrich any space.

Baxter Fluid Mirror

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