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Beauty and functionality in modern portable lanterns.

With a completely revisited look and updated technical features, modern lanterns have become must-have design elements, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. These small, portable and rechargeable table lamps boast a strong personality, conceived by the creative flair of internationally renowned designers such as Philippe Starck, Space Copenaghen and Luca Nichetto to instill wellbeing and warmth.

    In Vitro -FLOS
    In Vitro

    At first glance, the In Vitro lanterns from the Flos outdoor collection seem to glow softly. Intended to be both a functional object and a decorative home element, these lamps designed by Philippe Starck offer a more contemporary vision of traditional lanterns. Their essential lines reveal all the transparencies of blown glass, interpreted as a capsule enclosed in a firm aluminum structure. The LED source lies right on the head and, thanks to the Edge lighting technology, it provides excellent diffusion and a beautiful, soft light.

    La Lamp Parc -MAIORI
    La Lamp Parc
    Dome Nomad -BROKIS
    Dome Nomad

    The austere and elegant shape of the Dome Nomad outdoor lantern, created by Brokis lighting, celebrates Italian architecture and the perfection of the domes of Venice. Blown glass, available smooth or wavy, is molded to create small luminous artworks that represent the eternity of the celestial vault. The light is spread through an opaline diffuser and also easily adapts to outdoor spaces exposed to rather low temperatures. Dome Nomad is a rechargeable and portable designer outdoor lamp.

    Pepa -ASTEP
    Easy Peasy -LODES
    Easy Peasy

    Minimal elegance and a playful mood are the key ingredients of the Easy Peasy portable lamp. Born from the combination of two rounded elements, a body and a knob, and different surfaces, the lantern shines in its sculptural silhouette, providing a true sensory experience filled with textural and visual details. On the one hand, metal and transparent glass are molded like a bell, from which light filters; on the other, the opaque glass of the knob is designed to be the command point of the lamp, from which users can interact and choose their favorite configuration.

    Muse -CONTARDI
    Nox -ASTEP
    FollowMe -MARSET

    The FollowMe table lamp, winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2016, has recently become a design icon. This Marset creation stands out for its essential, simple contours and for its sophisticated technical features. Portable, rechargeable with a USB connector and adjustable, FollowMe is the new interpretation of an antique portable oil lantern. The light wooden structure makes it practical to be moved and introduces a new concept of modern lantern with high functionality and long battery life.

    Lucca -& TRADITION

    The modern Lucca lantern by &Tradition, inspired by the magical nighttime atmosphere of the eponymous Tuscan city, diffuses a soft and delicate light, suitable to make both indoor and outdoor home settings shine. Its sinuous design merges with the beauty of mouth-blown opaline glass and the intensity of the metal structure, available in three delicate finishes. It is an elegant, minimal lamp, conceived to become a multipurpose, rechargeable and easily movable object. The dimmer allows you to adjust the light intensity and to shape the right mood.

    Cestita -SANTA & COLE