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Bed Stories: Flou, Italian design and top quality

With over 40 models of bed systems, proposed by world-renowned designers, Flou revolutionises the night area. Premium quality, unconventional shapes and a broad range of materials and finishes make the beds by Flou the perfect solutions ensuring good sleep and improving the quality of life. From more minimal models, such as Icon and Amal to eclectic and geometric versions like Majal.

Flou Iko
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The Amal double-size bed is characterised by compositional elegance and delicacy, starting from the metallic trims located on the high headboard, available in polished gold, matt burnished, polished black nickel, which anchor the fabric at the sides, adding a soft, charming touch.

Designed by Carlo Colombo for Flou, Amal has a fully removable cover and can be embellished with numerous soft cushions enhancing the generous padding.

The base is upholstered and is available in three versions: a fixed base, a storage base or a base with electric movement.

Flou Iko
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With romantic and soft lines, the Angle bed from the Flou collection is characterised by a soft headboard with an exclusive capitonnè finishing, also available in the version with two side panels. It is a compact, intimate bed which seems to wrap in an embrace whoever uses it. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni in 2008, it has fully removable covers, in leather or hide, able to almost turn into a scenery. The panels, leaving enough space to place the bedside tables, open and close as needed. It is also possible to place two light bulbs on the sides, perfect to create an intimate atmosphere.

Flou Icon
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Sophisticated and with a clean design, the Icon bed has been realised by Carlo Colombo for Flou to suit any kind of furniture.

Characterised by perfect sizes and providing supreme comfort, it is made of a metal frame hidden by a removable cover, in fabric or leather, only highlighted at the height of the thin support feet. Every detail is carefully studied. The padded headboard, also finished on the back and embellished with beautiful visible seams, is an example.

On one side, the bed features a strong masculine character. On the other, it shows a welcoming softness, further enhanced by the additional option of a rest plan with adjustable slats or electric movement.

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The creativity of the designer Carlo Colombo gives life to the Koi bed, a combination of harmony and delicacy. The “Koi” word in Japanese makes reference to love and clearly shows Colombo’s intention to create a pure and simple piece of furniture, yet characterised by distinctive features. Some examples are the soft vertical quiltings, perfect to slender the shape, and the metallic trims in polished black or matt burnished nickel, which elegantly frame the furnishing and can be matched with the other pieces from the Flou collection. The Koi bed is available in neutral and soft textures and colours and in the versions with fixed base, storage base, box-spring Leonardo or base with electric movement.

Flou Gentleman
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The padded headboard, luxurious and eclectic, almost like a modern boiserie, is of striking visual impact. The Majal bed from the Flou collection becomes the protagonist of any room thanks to a woven pattern adding softness and showing an unmistakable tailoring excellence, typical of the brand. The inspiration is taken from the Indian women dyeing and squeezing big pieces of cloth. With a fully removable cover, Majal enhances the idea of a repeated geometry that, combined with a textile covering, seems to become a true scenic composition.

The bed is available in two versions: the first one is aligned with the base, whilst the second one is elongated at the sides, allowing to create the space needed to place a side table and a lamp.

The bed can be provided with a Comfort spring base, a storage base or a fixed base with manual or electric movement.

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