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Light & Night: elevate your sleeping area with stylish yet functional bedside lamps and more

A selection of lighting solutions to brighten the space around your bed, fostering a sense of comfort and relaxation crucial for winding down at the end of the day. From elegant bedside lamps to captivating bedroom pendants, wall sconces, technical lighting and architectural systems, explore a range of options tailored to elevate your room's style, atmosphere, and functionality. Reach out to the Mohd team to craft the perfect lighting design for your bedroom.

OLuce Atollo 233
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OLuce Atollo 239
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OLuce Atollo 238
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Bedside lamps represent the quintessential choice for bedroom lighting, efforlessly creating a welcoming and snug ambiance. With innovative interpretations from renowned brands and designers, they transcend their functionality to emerge as distinctive elments imbued with style and personality, enriching the overall design of the bedroom space.

OLuce Atollo 236
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OLuce Atollo 237
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OLuce Atollo 235
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Within the realm of table lamps, standout examples include Oluce's Atollo, which redefines the traditional profile of the bedside lamp with its iconic shapes, and Luceplan's Costanza, a tribute to the classic elegance of the nightstand lamp with its cone-shaped white shade, infused with a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic.

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Torso 57
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Aballs M
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Contemporary lighting design reinvents the classic bedside lamp, embracing a vivacious creative approach or exploring exclusive combinations of shapes, materials, and colors to offer new interpretations.

Flowerpot VP9
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When it comes to designer pieces, you can never go wrong. Choosing Verner Panton's iconic Flowerpot allows you to bring a playful and unconventional touch to the space. Among the latest additions, &Tradition offers portable and wall-mounted versions, valued not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their practical functionality.

Flowerpot VP8
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If you seek a blend of comfort and design, desk lamps with their sleek arms and adjustable shades, along with their wall-mounted counterparts, offer the perfect solution. Vipp's lamps are meticulously crafted with a contemporary lifestyle in mind, providing both direct lighting and ambient illumination through their perforated shades.

Chipperfield w102
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Wastberg's Chipperfield lamp series showcases a practical, adjustable design with exquisite mechanical craftsmanship, all wrapped in a sleek, minimalist aesthetic accentuated by metallic finishes.

Chipperfield W102
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Vision 20/20
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vision 20/20
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From versatile, adjustable lamps to precision-engineered technical lighting tailored for focused, task-oriented illumination, DCWéditions' Vision 20/20 collection boasts a minimalist yet effective design crafted to deliver sharp, customizable lighting with adjustable intensity and a broad range of rotation.

Match Snooze 1.0
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Combining technology and aesthetics, Wever & Ducré's Mick Snooze wall sconces and Leds C4's Hall Slim fixtures resemble points of light seamlessly integrated within geometric designs. The decorative allure of these collections shines through their versatile configurations, allowing you to create a variety of compisitions.

Hall Slim
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Mod. 2065
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Pendant lamps cascading from the ceiling, framing the bed, create a striking visual presence. Designer pieces like the Model 2065 by the visionary Sarfatti and the IC Light by Michael Anastassiades take center stage in the room, adding to its allure.

PH5 Mini
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Louis Poulsen's PH5 mini infuses an additional dose of creativity with its colorful design, boasting a distinctive aesthetic and radiating a soft, warm glow.

Cassina 081 Réaction Poétique
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Louis Poulsen PH 5 Mini
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String Sphere
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To direct light precisely where you need it, innovative systems like Flos' String Light and Davide Groppi's Neuro enable you to craft light sources exactly where desired, ingeniously transforming electrical cables into extraordinary decorative elements.

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The inherent role of lighting design as decoration surpasses its function as illumination, opening endless avenues for creative expression. Lamps, envisioned as works of art, serve as sources of inspiration for personalizing spaces, striking the perfect balance of ambiance, style, and functionality.

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