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Boffi 2024 new arrivals at Salone del Mobile: architectural and functional elegance

Milan 2024 Salone del Mobile: Boffi's new collection blends elegance and advanced functionality. Introducing new designs for kitchens and bathrooms, this collection pushes the boundaries of tradition, using exclusive materials and an architectural aesthetic that creates new forms.

Boffi Novanta
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In honor of Boffi's 90th anniversary, Piero Lissoni unveiled the Novanta kitchen system, masterfully merging aesthetic appeal with functionality. This system transforms the traditional kitchen space, incorporating both traditional and innovative elements in a seamless design.

Boffi Novanta
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Lissoni’s creation appears to levitate, thanks to a cleverly recessed base beneath the units, coupled with tactile, groundbreaking materials. He describes the kitchen as “architectural”—akin to a floating building, featuring islands and storage components that mimic an urban landscape.

Boffi XO
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Elisa Ossino reinterprets Luigi Massoni's Xila kitchen in the XO design, introducing bold, clean lines and tactile surfaces ideal for social gatherings.

Features like the Breccia Imperiale stone top that elegantly extends over the two sinks and incorporates a drainer showcase the designer's signature geometric patterns. The sleek, handle-less doors and the sculptural, solid wood peninsula with its inviting curves enhance the kitchen’s social atmosphere.

Boffi XO Cucina
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For Boffi's 90th anniversary, Zaha Hadid's Cove Kitchen evolves from its 2017 debut, maintaining its original design while introducing a new modular system.

The island, with its smooth, rounded side panels, serves as a dynamic focal point, combining architectural precision with a philosophical concept—a true transformation of the domestic space into a visually striking and functional art piece, with flowing lines and innovative materials.

K14 di Norbert Wangen si rinnova nel 2024 con un design senza maniglie e pannelli terminali che integrano una funzionale area snack.

The 2024 update of Norbert Wangen’s K14 introduces a handle-less design and end panels that cleverly integrate a functional snack area.

Patricia Urquiola's Salinas custom kitchen stands out with its bold lines and sophisticated, innovative finishes. The ability to focus on a single material or color, or to mix and match, allows you to create uniquely tailored designs.

Boffi Salinas
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Norbert Wangen's K6 outdoor kitchen, designed for exterior settings, features a sleek, freestanding monoblock with a sliding top, combining advanced functionality with elegant aesthetics.

The Minikitchen Outdoor reinterprets Joe Colombo’s 1963 design with contemporary materials suited for outdoor environments, blending historical inspiration with modern needs.

Piero Lissoni's Novanta Stone Wall System features elegant marble shelves in a versatile and multifunctional design that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Boffi I Fiumi
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Claudio Silvestrin breathes new life into the bathroom with the reissued I Fiumi collection. The design features suspended base units in a seamless, elegant format that combines aesthetics with functionality.

Boffi I Fiumi
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