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Botanica Collettiva. An exclusive dialogue between Design and Nature.

Plurality as style, vision, method, passion.

Diversity in nature is expressed in atmospheres of breathtaking beauty, just like diversity in design creates unique interiors. Botanica Collettiva is a narrative ecosystem where nature and design come together in an exclusive dialogue. A design experience in which each element participates, with its own voice, in a harmonious plurality.

 Botanica Collettiva
Botanica Collettiva Studiopepe
 Botanica Collettiva Tactile
 Botanica Collettiva Studiopepe

Pluralità come stile, visione, metodo, passione.

Gianluca Mollura
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The Mohd event, curated by Studiopepe for the opening of the new Officina Milano, features a visually impactful installation in the capital of design, a multifunctional space where the nature of plants and the variety of design merge into a harmonious environment, designed to offer its visitors an intimate and collective experience.
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Hosting design pieces and organic elements, a surprising dialogue between nature and architecture brings together multiple environments and atmospheres. Lounge area, home office, living area, office, dining room and outdoor space are separated by material screens that offer ever-changing perspectives on the homes of tomorrow. A unique and astonishing setting, where you can express yourself, meet others, experience emotions.

Lighting and furniture define the space with authenticity and innovation, embarking on a journey enriched by precious naturalistic details. Our idea of home begins here, among experiences and dreams, surrounded by an environment that hosts the uniqueness of nature and exclusive products by the best international design.
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