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Botanica Collettiva. Living Inspiration: Telling the story of modern dwelling.

Starting a surprising dialogue between nature and architecture, Mohd inaugurates Officina Milano, the new exhibition space located in the capital of design, with an impactful visual installation conceived by Studiopepe: “Botanica Collettiva”.

The innovative design experience brings together multiple environments and atmospheres, just like in a real ecosystem. At the heart of the project, the living room represents one of the most evocative spaces. The living area reveals a dialogue between elements with a strong personality and modular character, carefully selected for their excellent materials and refined aesthetic qualities.

Reflecting the ideals of contemporary living, the Life sofa extends its call to relaxation through a casual, classy style. Two new versions in dark stained walnut and black ash replace the original Lucite structure, keeping the modular and flexible design but giving way to a modern and avant-garde aesthetic.
AstepVV Cinquanta
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BaxterGinestra Vestita_3315.jpg
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 Baxter Tactile
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Designed by Draga & Aurel for Baxter, the Loren coffee tables meet every stylistic need, enhancing settings with their intense personality. Available in multiple shapes and colors, they capture the scene thanks to an eclectic and versatile design. Whether their frames have a strong character or are harmonious and rounded, the Loren coffee tables fit perfectly into any atmosphere, enriching spaces with invaluable class and elegance.
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Authenticity, innovation, beauty. Conquering the doors of the living room, Tebe stages a priceless sculptural charm. An explosive mix of essential forms and refined materials delineates the silhouette of an original design, born from the delicate encounter between vintage and contemporary style. Thanks to the particular texture of onyx, Tebe fits with elegance into any atmosphere, becoming a vivid expression of perfection.
cc-tapisPrimitive Weave 1
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PulpoCactus Lamp
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The Cactus lamp is an extraordinary design icon that interprets the lighting experience within a creativity-oriented concept. A sculpture with simple and communicative contours, fruit of French designer Mickaël Koska's original artistic project, aimed at "giving life to surprising natural creations".
 Cactus Lampada PULPO
 Kokeshi pulpo
TooyNastro 563.41_5400.jpg
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