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Brutalist Inspiration: stylistic interpretations in the realm of interior design

Navigating from the confines of the architectural realm to the fluidity of interior design, the Brutalist style unveils a newfound flexibility, seamlessly integrating with contemporary home aesthetics. Once tethered to interiors characterized by neutral palettes and raw details, it now evolves, embellished with splashes of color and refined decorations. Embark on an inspirational journey, from the minimalist allure of Living Divani to the softer ambiances by &Tradition and Muuto, rediscovering the nuanced faces of the Brutalist aesthetic.

Living Divani Brasilia Tavolo
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Living Divani Maja D
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In the pursuit of a cohesive Brutalist total look, the rugged charm of concrete textures converges with seamlessly with furniture crafted from industrial materials: metal elements in monochrome tones, showcasing essential and geometric shapes. Here, function takes center stage, as exemplified by the Brasilia table and the Grek Box system by Living Divani.

Grek Box
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Muuto Loft
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Muuto Ridge
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Muuto Linear
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Muuto Fiber
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Muuto Kink
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Within the interiors of Muuto and &Tradition, the seamless interplay of wood, color, and decorative elements converges with neutral and dark tones. This fusion steers the minimalist aesthetic towards eclectic realms, imbued with the distinctive Scandinavian essence.

&Tradition Rely
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&Tradition Mist
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&Tradition Rotate SC73
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The Scandinavian casual elegance, characterized by natural finishes and meticulous attention to detail, bathes the space in a warm and inviting ambiance, reinterpreting the essence of Brutalism.

&Tradition P376 KF2
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&Tradition Patch HW1
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&Tradition In Between
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&Tradition Momento JH40
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Green and floral elements effortlessly integrate into these settings, enhancing the overall harmony: concrete surfaces adorned with organic wood and stone finishes, cooler metal surfaces , or raw materials combined with the expressiveness of stylish details.

Muuto Linear System
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Muuto Fiber
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Color, even in its softer pastel hues, serves as a gentle counterbalance to the coolness inherent in concrete interiors and material textures. The resul is an overall effect that is not only soft but also impeccably refined.

&Tradition Develius
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&Tradition Mist
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&Tradition Inland AV21
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Fritz Hansen Swan
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Fritz Hansen Egg
Fritz HansenEgg Shop online

Within the realm of interior styles, and particularly with the Brutalist aesthetic, adaptability knows no bounds. Concrete walls transform into neutral canvases, providing the backdrop for furnishings and accessories to take center stage. The ultimate goal is to achieve an eclectic and distinctive final impression.

Flos Arco L
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B&B Italia Le Bambole
B&B ItaliaLe Bambole Shop online

Furnishings that have etched their place in history seamlessly coexist with simple yet disruptive elements, characterized by bold shapes and hues. Here, Le Bambole, a creation by Mario Bellini, commanding attention with its generous proportions and vibrant upholstery, alongside the masterpieces of light by the Castiglioni brothers.

Le Bambole
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Ligne Roset Telen
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