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Christmas Gifts: great inspirations in the smallest design objects

In size alone, they may be modest, but their design concepts are impossible to ignore. A meticulously curated selection of designer objects crafted to infuse sophistication in your home. Dive into a world of inspiration with Mohd: from the exquisite glass marvels by Venini and Cassina's new ceramic collections to Vitra's iconic sculptures by Charles and Ray Eames, Gardeco's contemporary creations, and the small yet impactful kitchen icons from Alessi and KnIndustrie.

Cassina Impronta Mano
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The Impronta collection, reissued by Cassina, springs from the creative mind of Ico and Luisa Parisi. In the 1960s, they envisioned these ceramic objects for the home, drawing inspiration from the vibrant world of pop art.

Impronta Bocca
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The creative ethos of the 1960s breathes life into Danese's Timor calendar—a legacy we inherit, a timeless object designed to last a lifetime, guiding us through the years with its distinctive Helvetica font. Enzo Mari invites us to reflect on the fleeting nature of objects in the era of post-modern consumerism, giving rise to the concept of perpetual calendars.

Vitra Eames Elephant Plywood
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Vitra Eames Special Collection - Plywood Mobile / A
VitraEames Special Collection - Plywood Mobile / A Shop online
Vitra Eames Special Collection
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Straight from the Eames House, the wooden bird figure, cherished by the renowned designer couple, transcends mere decoration. It is an artifact rich with history and intrinsic value that naturally elicits an emotional connection, becoming a beloved centerpiece in the home it graces.

Eames House Bird Special Collection
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Dagur Figurine
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Sif Figurine
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Musing SS
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Embodying a contemporary and daring spirit, Gardeco's sculptures transform the home into an art gallery. From the anthropomorphic shapes of the Visitor to the figurines within the Travel Pieces collection and the abstract profiles of the bronze works, these unique objects showcase a distinctive aesthetic.

The Visitor
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Venini is synonymous with the eternal beauty of Murano glass works. Its classic designs showcase refined craftsmanship and a vibrant palette that is consistently updated for a younger, perpetually timeless appeal.

Venini Opalino Ginkgo
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Venini Fazzoletto Ginkgo
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Venini Monofiore Balloton Ginkgo
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La Lampe B
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Flos Bilboquet
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Even the smallest designer lamps stand out with their distinctive shapes, transcending their functional role to become works of art. Bilboquet is one of the latest lighting design project envisioned by Flos: with its simple and flexible design brimming with personality, it adapts seamlessly to a variety of spaces and uses. DCWéditions' Lampe B is an exquisite sculpture, captivating guests both when illuminated and turned off.

La Conica
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Juicy Salif
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Alessi Plissè
AlessiPlissè Shop online
Alessi Plissè
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Even in the kitchen, we discover small works of art that infuse the heart of the home with history and creativity. From KnIndustrie's Glass pot to Alessi's iconic pieces, their visionary and at times eccentric designs rightfully deserve credit for elevating ordinary utensils to the status of iconic objects.

Glass Pot
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