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Remote work: compact desks for new needs

As the work space evolve, so does the furniture. This change involves not only the arrangement of the space, but also our customs related to where and how we complete our daily work. Desks become essential, versatile and multifunctional workstations that meet the ever-changing needs of the digital age. From the minimalist design of Novelist to the retro lines of Poltrona Frau's Pavilion desk and Iren, these furniture elements feature new technological details and a light, compact aesthetic value, which has turned them into authentic must-have items.

Stacking Desk District Eight
Stacking Desk District Eight

Symmetrical, sleek and streamlined, District Eight's Stacking desk is the ultimate work or study station. Featuring an oak top and brass or blackened steel legs, it comes with two drawers and a mini cable storage that disappears when needed. Available in two sizes, it can be placed against the wall or in the center of a room.

Kant Moormann
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The idea behind &Tradition's Pavilion desk was to produce a small item that could be placed freestanding, against a wall, or grouped together, with a typical Scandinavian appeal. Bent metal tubes curve up to the rectangular top, available in two finishes, which can also be equipped with a laminate back panel in order to hold the work space and define its boundaries. Designed during the Pandemic period, the Pavilion desk considers the needs and drastic changes of remote work.

Pavilion &Tradition
&Tradition FlowerPot
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&Tradition Rely
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Muller PS20

With its striking elegance, light lines and functionality, this desk is designed to meet the most modern home office needs. The PS20 desk, conceived by Kressel + Schelle for Muller and winner of Product Design 2021 and the German Innovation Award 2021, is a well-researched mix of comfort and practicality. The linoleum worktop, available in 3 colors, provides ample space for writing and a cable storage for modern technological devices.

Poltrona FrauIren

Kensaku Oshiro designed the Iren desk for Poltrona Frau to recall Japanese calligraphy, particularly the harmony between signs and characters. Beauty and minimalism, in a balanced and fluid relationship between man and furniture. This small freestanding domestic workstation can accommodate modern lifestyles with ease: two overlapping tops slide over each other, expanding the worktop from 119 to 149 cm, whereas a black metal box holds the USB sockets.

Iren Poltrona Frau
Note Molteni&C
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Molteni&C's Note desk made is a hymn to the mastery of woodworking, a blend of refined details and essential style. Featuring an asymmetrical Canaletto walnut top equipped with two storage trays, Note was envisioned to become a top-quality and functional home office solution. The legs are built using a complex three-dimensional woodworking technique and are hollowed on three sides.

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Novelist Lema

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