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Tradition and modernity in contemporary rugs

The passion for traditional craftsmanship and artistic experimentation has led to a new generation of rugs that furnish contemporary, classic or modern spaces with their rich details and unique nuances. Hand-knotted following traditional techniques and using natural materials such as Tibetan or Himalayan wool, raw linen, fine silk, bamboo silk or natural hemp, hand-spun and hand-dyed with astounding color and texture variations. Precious and original contemporary rugs, steeped in tradition and customs which have been handed down from generation to generation and which transform everyday life into a ritual made of design and quality, inspiring moments of peaceful contemplation.

      Cruise &Tradition
      Cruise &Tradition

      Cruise, a rug by All the Way to Paris for &Tradition, comes in two travel-inspired color combinations, one beige evoking the desert and another golden brown from India. Its velvety texture comes from the fine technique of weaving high-quality wool with bamboo silk. It adds a touch of exclusivity to any interior space it furnishes, emphasized by the particular and delicate graphic accent of the design.

      Margas LC1 &Tradition
      Margas LC1 &Tradition
      Berber MR160 -MOHEBBAN MILANO
      Berber MR160

      Mohebban's Berber collection reinterprets the traditional rug of the Berber tribes of Morocco by playing with shades derived from vegetable dyes, with stunning color and softness effects that last over time. The rugs come in short and long pile and are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and patterns. The latter, in the one-color versions, feature interesting references to modern optical illusions.

      Mohebban Milano Berber MR160
      Kristina Lassus Ala
      Ala -Kristiina Lassus
      Kristiina Lassus

      Naaba by Kristiina Lassus draws its beauty from hand-knotted Tibetan nets, the weaving of the rug in a high-low pile technique creates a striking three-dimensional effect. The fine silk pattern contrasts gracefully with the raw hemp base: a fine balance of traditional craftsmanship and modern vision of designer rugs, focusing on quality and fascinating details.

      Kristina Lassus Naaba
      Naaba -Kristiina Lassus
      Kristiina Lassus
      Muuto Varjo
      Varjo -MUUTO

      Ombra -CC-TAPIS

      Ombra comes from the collaboration between cc-tapis and Muller Van Severen: a creative process experimented by the Belgian artist duo first using paper, cardboard and light, then digital, and that has recently led to the development of the Ombra carpet collection, available in multicolor and one-color versions. Layers of shapes and shades, forms that float in a virtual space creating imaginary shadows. A touch of vibrant contemporaneity that fits easily into any modern setting.

      cc-tapis Ombra
      Ululu -Kristiina Lassus
      Kristiina Lassus
      Kristina Lassus Ululu

      Highland -MOHEBBAN MILANO

      Dagallà -CC-TAPIS