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The architectural harmony of wall coverings

Renewing spaces whilst retaining their essence. This is the direction taken by many companies such as Inkiostro Bianco and Mingardo which offer wall covering solutions that both embellish and catch the eye. Geometry and material shapes in harmony according to new languages and well-defined forms, resulting in unique personalized and tailor-made designs. What then enchants are the materials, refined and welcoming, and their often handcrafted workmanship. Solid wood and natural iron completely enveloping the walls, turning them into beautiful focal points.

Inkiostro bianco
Lacunari - Inkiostro Bianco
Lacunari - Inkiostro Bianco

Like a wooden canvas on which decorations and lines can be imprinted, the new Lacunari covering, finished by Inkiostro Bianco, gives personality and character to each wall, recalling ancient coffered ceilings. The geometric profile birch plywood panels can be combined to create customised designs. Available in three shades, it is part of the Lineadeko 2022 Groove collection.

Fitful - Inkiostro Bianco
Fitful - Inkiostro Bianco
Legato - Inkiostro Bianco

What is striking is the visual effect of the repeated three-dimensional and tactile curves, able to create a pleasant alternation between solid areas and space. The Legato birch plywood covering, born from the collaboration between Inkiostro Bianco and Studio Lucchesedesign, creates elegant and precious surfaces. Available in two sizes, it can be used for both living and contract spaces.

Legato - Inkiostro Bianco
Losagna - Inkiostro Bianco
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Albers - Mingrado

Conceived as a modular pattern, Mingardo's Albers wall covering is inspired by the work of textile designer Anni Albers. Small rectangular segments in natural iron combine to create a multifaceted and geometric design, with the addition of satin copper lines that define the movement.

Pizzicato - Inkiostro Bianco
Sparks - Inkiostro Bianco
Shibori - Giorgetti

Conceived by Giorgetti to be totally made to measure, the Shibori modular decorative covering is made up of a repeated three-dimensional triangular design. The elegance of the lines is enhanced by the material, the solid wood of Abonos oak, canaletto walnut or ash. The finish fills without weighing down the covering, giving charm to any setting.

GIORGETTIShibori Boiserie
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Adagio - Inkiostro Bianco
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The Linvisibile Orizzonte boiserie system allows the creation of total visual continuity between doors and walls. The decoration becomes the protagonist and captures the functional furnishing elements, characterizing their shapes. Available in two different versions, 3 mm or 26 mm thick, Orizzonte is perfect for completely changing the look of any wall.

Orizzonte - Linvisibile

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