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Introducing d'Armes: a new perspective on lighting design

Born from the creative collaboration between Alexandre Joncas and Gildas Le Bars, Studio d'Armes creates captivating and poetic lights. Fueled by research, technology, artisanal skill, and a spirit of experimentation, their creations evolve into exquisite light sculptures with an enigmatic, striking aesthetic. Each d'Armes lamp offers a mesmerizing interplay between light and space, inviting you to immerse in an atmosphere of intense and sublime beauty.

Etat-des-lieux d'Armes
Poliform Le Club
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D'Armes Etat-des-Lieux
D'ArmesEtat-des-Lieux Shop online

The Etat-des-lieux collection draws inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes of Quebec's mountains, where the design studio is nestled, and their awe-inspiring reflections. Infused with a contemporary and innovative vision, Etat-des-Lieux offers boundless possibilities for configuration.

Etat-des-Lieux 1B
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This lighting system features a wide, flexible cable in a matte black finish, which enables you to orchestrate captivating geometric interplays in space, unveiling a remarkable decorative appeal.

Etat-des-Lieux 1A
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The blown glass globe, offered in four colors and available in clear or satin finishes, can be easily adjusted to cast light either downward or upward, introducing an extra layer of customization.

Etat-des-lieux d' Armes Ultrafragola Poltronova
D'Armes Etat-des-Lieux
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Poltronova Ultrafragola
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Etat-des-lieux Pink d'Armes
d'Armes Etat-des-lieux
D'Armes Etat-des-Lieux
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Toogood Roly-Poly
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d'Armes Gigi floor

The Gigi collection includes floor and table lamps crafted from blown glass. Its distinctive shades and hues unveil a sophisticated interplay of opacity and transparency. Through the combination of form and material, each lamp in this collection becomes a unique luminous object, exuding an ethereal elegance that commands attention within any space.

Ra Collection d'Armes

The Ra collection encompasses two suspension lamps and a wall lamp, each characterized by an essential yet remarkably dramatic design. A slender neon line delineates simple geometric shapes, transforming them into focal points within the space they adorn.

Ra Line d'Armes

The glass tube encases a blend of gases and rare minerals, infusing the light with a warm, mesmerizing aura.

Ra Wall d'Armes
101 Copenhagen Brutus
101 CopenhagenBrutus Shop online

The Ra Wall disc partially eclipses the light and reflects the surrounding colors, while the curved LED module emits a bright and gentle glow.

Ra Suspension d'Armes
Tacchini Le Mura
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Hyphen D'armes

The design of Hyphen is rooted in the juxtaposition of two contrasting elements: the soft, delicate essence of porcelain, and the robust, shiny nature of steel. Available in various finishes such as cast steel, sandblasted cast iron, and matte white porcelain, each lamp showcases intriguing material contrasts.

Hyphen table d'Armes
Hyphen table d'Armes
d'Armes Hyphen Wall
Kristina Dam Studio Curved Side Table
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Tacchini Five to Nine
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Aligned with the brand's philosophy of fostering collaboration with local artisans, the porcelain components are made by a ceramic artist who helped design the collection and carefully handcrafts each piece.

 Hyphen Wall d'Armes
Knoll Cesca
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The cylindrical bodies of the Hyphen collection, in all of their versions, facilitate versatile positioning and orientation of light.

 Hyphen Suspension d'Armes
Cassina 559 Sengu
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Thanks to its design flexibility and material characteristics, the collection lends itself to multiple style interpretations.

d'Armes Hartau double
Cassina Zig-Zag Chair
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Hartau d'Armes
NORR11 Gear
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NORR11 Gear Side Table
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101 Copenhagen Sphere Vase Bubl
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D'Armes Hartau
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Hartau is a collection of wall and table lamps that captivates with its classic aesthetic while surprising with innovative finishes. At the heart of its design lies the lampshade, featuring a double opening that emits light in two directions. Meanwhile, the aluminum body offers maximum flexibility in directing the brightness.

Hartau Wall d'Armes
D'Armes Hartau Wall
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Cé Petit Short
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Cé Wall
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is a whimsical yet sophisticated lighting collection offering a variety of versions. Adorned with a fringe detail on the lampshade, it creates a distinctive interplay of light and shadow that infuses the space with an extravagant and exclusive appeal.

Cé Petit Long
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