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The art of experimentation: Eero Saarinen’s visionary spirit

Driven by a powerful, visionary and innovative design ethos, Eero Saarinen was a renowned twenty-first century architect and designer. His creative process revolved around a sculptural approach, carrying on an insightful investigation on Expressionism and Modernism. Through his meticulous experimentation with shapes, colours, and finishes, Saarinen not only gained recognition on a global scale but also forged a refined artistic language that defined his work. Among his most famous design creations, a significant place is occupied by the collections he designed for Knoll, a New York-based brand with which Eero Saarinen established a long and fruitful collaboration.

Artist son of an artist father, Eero Saarinen moved to the United States from Finland in 1923. Endowed with a creative flair and a vibrant, eclectic personality, Saarinen fearlessly explored various artistic mediums. Among his architectural masterpieces the Gateway Arch, a monumental arch located in the homonymous national park and symbol of St. Louis, and the astounding TWA terminal at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Also renowned for his design creations, Eero Saarinen broke traditional patterns with the illustrious collections he conceived for Knoll during the 40s and the 50s.

Designed by Eero Saarinen for Knoll in 1958, the Tulip collection is a design milestone. Introducing a family of tables and seats supported by an individual, thin pedestal, Saarinen reinterprets from a modern perspective the canonic, traditional seat synthesized in the iconic image of a flower, the Tulip. A visionary, avant-garde design that combines a lacquered aluminium casting base with a fiberglass seat.

In 1948, Eero Saarinen, in collaboration with Knoll, shattered the conventions of traditional design with the introduction of the Womb Chair. This iconic armchair stands as yet another avant-garde masterpiece by the visionary artist. The broad, sinuous and embracing surface turns into the perfect place to give in to comfort and softness. The structure is made of glossy chrome steel and the fiberglass seat is covered in fabric, both the chair and the ottoman are provided with stainless steel and nylon glides.

The Tulip chair has captured the hearts of many people, winning prestigious awards like the Design Center Stuttgart Award in 1962 and the Museum of Modern Art Award in 1969. This sculptural masterpiece combines art and innovation, embodying an unparalleled aesthetic sensibility. The Tulip chair is a testament to Eero Saarinen's unwavering pursuit of technological advancement.

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Alongside the Tulip chair, the Tulip table boasts the same aesthetic and functional features of the seat. Delicate silhouettes and embracing shapes reveal a pure, minimalist approach that mirrors the artist's conceptualization of formal unity.

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Conceived in 1957 by Eero Saarinen, the Conference chair originated from a visionary idea to revolutionize executive seating, aiming to achieve elevated levels of comfort and timeless elegance. This sculptural masterpiece was initially tailored for contract contexts and workspaces, however, with its fluid form and multi-purpose swivel base complete with caster options, the versatile Conference chair effortlessly transcends boundaries, seamlessly blending into any environment.

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