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EGO Paris, living the outdoors.

EGO Paris' outdoor collections are appealing in their authenticity, which highlights the brand's true essence: a focus on the joy of living the leisure and conviviality of outdoor spaces with high-end, functional furniture designed with a fresh and original twist. The family heritage of furniture creation and manufacturing meets innovation and entrepreneurship, a synergy that has turned the French brand into a worldwide excellence in the industry.

The hallmark of the colorful Sutra collection is inspired by the "ganivelle", the typical slatted fence of the French Atlantic coast: the alternating light and shadow of the wooden and aluminum elements produces a simple and dynamic design that adapts to various furniture pieces.

The elements that overlap and alternate, playing with contrasts of bright and natural colors, blend together in new and vibrant configurations.

Sutra Ego Paris

The Sutra seating modules create countless compositions that play with shapes, cushions, armrests and shelves. The low armchair reveals a design that invites relaxation while the chair's armrest features a graphic line that follows the contour of the foot.

Armchairs, chairs, seat modules and sun loungers are arranged in the space in perfect balance with tables, high tables and low tables, which are the most creative element of the Sutra collection: the grid of the "ganivelle" is placed horizontally and interacts with the dynamism created by the different heights and the interlocking elements.

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Designer Thomas Sauvage captures in Marumi the Japanese concept of roundness: its delicate curves define a sober, elegant and timeless collection, whose peculiarity lies in the absence of edges and in its generous dimensions.

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