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The most stylish accessories for organizing the walk-in closet

Accessorizing such an intimate and personal place as the walk-in closet means imagining a new way of taking care of oneself. This selection is designed to furnish and embellish our personal wardrobe with tailored, refined accessories made of fine materials such as leather, hide or woods. Beautiful and functional, to be displayed as we do with our wardrobe.

Sam valet stand in solid walnut by Porada has an artistic inspiration, which is evident from a fun detail: except for the seat, the various elements (hanger, trouser rack, coin tray and swivel mirror) are interchangeable with each other.

Designed by Piero Lissoni for Porro, the Boutique Mast system is inspired by the solid, linear and striking appearance of a boat's masts and allows for the creation of fully customizable bespoke solutions, thanks to the wide variety of finishes and accessories.

Boutique Mast
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Designed by Alain Gilles for Ligne Roset, the Geoffrey mirror integrates a convenient storage shelf and features a graphic and essential profile that is both solid and light.


Finished on all four sides, the Set-Up island chest of drawers by Rodolfo Dordoni for Poliform is perfect in the middle of the walk-in wardrobe. With its open compartments and glass top, it is a true gem that allows you to bring order and add style to the bedroom area.

A tribute to the wisdom of Sicilian craftsmen and Arab-Norman architecture, the Lunatico jewellery rack by Kimano is made of natural stone and marble. It's perfect for storing jewellery and other small precious objects.

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Galan Valet
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Nomon's Galán valet stand has a design that we could define essential in the double meaning of minimal and indispensable. The finishes, of the highest quality, allow a certain amount of choice and enhance its elements: hooks, supports, a shelf with compartment and, in the W version, even a mirror.

Whisper Box
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Coming home after a long day and dropping your clothes on a valet stand that, a moment before, you can't help but admire: it's Ren, designed by Neri&Hu for Poltrona Frau. Elegant yet functional, it is finished with precious Saddle Extra leather details.

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