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Slim sideboards: compact elegance to bring order and style to your living area

The Black Friday month offers a remarkable opportunity to introduce a uniquely designed, functional piece of furniture to your living area. Specifically, contemporary sideboards enrich and elevate your home's elegance, providing storage space as well as a platform for showcasing a lamp, a cherished glass vase, a touch of greenery, or a collection of fine art photography books. Their sleek and understated proportions, coupled with a variety of refined materials, guarantee a seamless harmony of both functionality and style in any interior.

Designed by Ibon Arrizabalaga for Treku, Lauki is a design masterpiece, offering endless configuration possibilities. Wood takes center stage, gracefully woven into the subtle framework of the structure, complemented by frontal panels that dance alongside open elements. Wall-mounted or freestanding, Lauki emerges as a versatile and functional piece of furniture, exuding a sense of familiarity. The push-to-open doors invite a tactile experience, while the storage boxes showcase a dynamic range of shapes and sizes—sometimes elongated, sometimes square. The commitment? To elegantly organize and store objects and accessories.

The distinctive elements of the iconic USM Haller L sideboard collection, designed by Fritz Haller & Paul Schärer, undeniably reside in the chrome-plated steel frame and the powder-coated surfaces spanning a rich spectrum of colors. Beyond its vibrant palette, the series' standout feature lies in its remarkable modularity. This sideboard transcends the ordinary, allowing you to tailor its configuration to your specific needs and available space, determining the perfect balance of closed and open elments with the utmost precision.

Lago's 36e8 collection redefines customizability in sideboards—where the interplay of lightness, compact volumes, and an array of storage elements in diverse shapes and sizes defines its unique design. Adding a touch of sophistication, carefully chosen finishes grace the surfaces and doors. At the heart of this collection is a square base module, each side measuring 36.8 centimeters, providing the very foundation from which the collection derives its distinctive name. This starting point opens the door to a realm of personalization, allowing you to craft a sideboard that reflects your individual taste in volume, doors, and materials. 36e8 offers the extraordinary opportunity to blend special colors and materials—from the classic warmth of wood to the sleek transparency of glass and the innovative XGlass, a special Lago material that has the remarkable ability to replicate the allure of marble, metal, and fabrics.

Partout is a concept brought to life by Studio14 for Mogg, redefining the contemporary sideboard with an array of free-standing and wall-mounted elements. What sets this collection apart is the intriguing fusion of materials with distinct profiles—melding MDF and eucalyptus wood with the captivating allure of burnished or bronze-patinated metal. A highlight of this design is the unique swiveling element at the sideboard's end that transforms into a practical shelf for books, reinterpreting the often overlooked corner spaces with a touch of style.


Colour Cabinet L is the brainchild of Muller Van Severen for Hay—a celebration of color and a captivating visual rhythm. The structure combines minimalism and understated elegance, only to be revolutionized by a bold array of vibrant colors. The fluted glass doors not only lighten the overall design but also enchant the beholder's gaze. Color takes center stage in this furniture masterpiece, offered in both free-standing and wall-mounted models, as well as a monochrome variant. The quest? To discover the perfect configuration that seamlessly blends with and enhances your living spaces.

20 Casiers Standard is an iconic collection designed in 1925 by the brilliant minds of Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand for the "model house" of the Pavillon de l'Esprit Nouveau. Fast forward to today, Cassina reintroduces this timeless collection in eighteen fixed configuration, tied together by a limited depth that bestows upon them versatility and discreet elegance. The structure gracefully finds its foundation on two distinct type of bases: the whimsical corolla-shaped pillars, evoking a hint of retro charm, or the four slender steel feet, embodying a more reserved and sober aesthetic. A functional and sophisticated sculpture, blending history, form, and functionality in a singular masterpiece.

20 Casiers
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