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Eileen Gray's art at Maison&Objet 2024 with ClassiCon

Renowned for crafting iconic furniture pieces that have become timeless classics of the 20th century, Eileen Gray was also a prolific artist who devoted much of her life to painting. ClassiCon is reintroducing some of her most exquisite designs for the first time, curating a stunning collection of designer rugs. With the Eileen Gray - Non Conformist Artist exhibition, which captivated audiences at the Salone del Mobile 2023, ClassiCon unveils a new addition to the repertoire at the 30th edition of Maison&Objet: the Faubourg rug, from the original drawings of the visionary designer.

ClassiCon Adjustable E 1027
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ClassiCon Bibendum
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ClassiCon Faubourg
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ClassiCon Monte Carlo
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ClassiCon Faubourg Rug
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ClassiCon Bell
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Named after the Parisian street that housed Eileen Gray's studio, Faubourg embodies the essence of minimalism. Set against a natural white square background, three elegantly curved black lines take center stage, evoking the iconic designs that defined Gray's oeuvre, such as the timeless Adjustable E1027 coffee table where circles and curves emerge as recurring motifs.

ClassiCon La Lune
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The rugs within the Eileen Gray collection are true masterpieces that adorn both floors and walls with the allure of abstract paintings. United by a palette of warm, intense tones, La Lune and Cassis showcase captivating geometric patterns achieved through the artful superimposition of shapes and colors.

ClassiCon Adjustable
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ClassiCon Cassis Rug
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ClassiCon Bibendum
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ClassiCon Monolith
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ClassiCon Forma
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The essence of Monolith's design lies in its essential features and subdued color palette, showcasing an harmonious interplay of horizontal and vertical lines that gracefully accentuate the earthy dark grey backdrop.

ClassiCon Monte Carlo Sofa
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ClassiCon De Stijl
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ClassiCon Adjustable
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ClassiCon's Eileen Gray rug collection unveils the eclectic creativity of the designer through handmade textile works of art. These rugs not only serve the functional purpose of furnishing a space but elevate it to an entirely new realm of authenticity and originality.

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