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The renowned Turkish brand Enne boasts a rich selection of exceptional products, brought to life by the creative genius of internationally acclaimed designers. With a seamless blend of simplicity and innovation, Enne's design solutions artfully combine skilled craftsmanship, state-of-the-art industrial production techniques, and the beauty of natural materials. Infusing spaces with character and personality, the Tavalo A chair, the Meri armchair, and the Dolmen table stand as shining examples of refined style and sophistication.

Enne Meri Armchair
EnneMeri Armchair Shop online
Enne Madou Coffee Table - Set of 3
EnneMadou Coffee Table - Set of 3 Shop online
Enne Tavalo A Chair
EnneTavalo A Chair Shop online

Characterized by a harmonious balance of form and function, the Tavalo chair, designed by Maurizio Manzoni for Enne, redefines the concept of seating with its unique style. Its fabric construction incorporates sinuous elements integrated in a manner that reinforces solidity while optimizing ergonomics through strategic shaping. With its three legs and convenient armrests, Tavalo not only fulfills a functional role but also stands as an original, captivating centerpiece that effortlessly commands attention and adapts to any setting.

Enne Meri Armchair
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Setting the stage with its distinct charm, the Meri armchair, thoughtfully crafted by Luca Erba for Enne, mesmerises with its delicately composed forms. Two circular cushions come together in a sophisticated design, providing absolute comfort - the perfect place to relax after a long day. Its design, based on simple geometric forms, incorporates a cylindrical T-shaped base providing both firm support and an ideal inclination. Compact in structure yet innovative in design, the Meri armchair exudes sophistication, effortlessly harmonising with any decor.

Enne Madou Coffee Table - Set of 3
EnneMadou Coffee Table - Set of 3 Shop online
Enne Dolmen Table
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Exquisitely conceived, the Dolmen table is a symbol of refined design. Its asymmetrical silhouette pairs a sturdy marble leg, expertly carved by skilled artisans, with a generously sized top, crafted from premium wood. This harmonious marriage not only guarantees durability but also exudes an air of sublime beauty. The colour contrast and irregular shapes, a hallmark of Maurizio Manzoni's innovative design approach, are further highlighted by the unique natural grain of the materials, making Dolmen the undeniable showpiece of any room. Dolmen is available in various dimensions.

Enne Clavis Armchair
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Enne Bikini Coffee Table - Set of 2
EnneBikini Coffee Table - Set of 2 Shop online

Conceived by the creative mind of Maurizio Manzoni, the Bikini coffee tables are a remarkable collection that feature diverse shapes, materials, and heights, bound together by Enne's distinctive style. Harmonious and functional forms infuse living areas and relaxation spaces with an air of sophistication, lending them a dynamic, flowing energy.

The Bikini coffee tables, available in either marble or wood, feature an elegant, slim metal foot that enhances the entire composition, transforming each piece into an exquisite sculpture that demands admiration. Furthermore, their design allows for effortless repositioning, offering versatility to any space.

Enne Arcus Divano
EnneArcus Divano Shop online

With its sinuous and soft lines, the Arcus sofa by Enne is a modern interpretation of modular seating that mirrors the dynamic needs of contemporary lifestyles. Seamlessly blending a spacious, comfortable space with a simple yet playful design, it adapts effortlessly to any setting. The innovative configuration, with single seater, corner, and pouf modules, invites endless possibilities. Available in a diverse range of colours and fabric finishes, Arcus not only meets ergonomic expectations, but also delivers an unparalleled sense of comfort, infusing spaces with an air of elegance and distinctive character.

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