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EuroCucina 2024: design and technology shape the kitchen of the future

The biennial EuroCucina returns for its 2024 edition, showcasing new concepts for the home with an emphasis on taste and social connections. The contemporary kitchen, increasingly a central feature of home design, is now seen as an open, fluid, multifunctional space that transcends its traditional technical and practical roles, embodying the philosophy of total living and becoming a theater of daily life, relationships, and connections. This is the direction taken by the innovative interpretations presented at the Salone del Mobile by prestigious brands such as Boffi, Molteni&C, Poliform, Lago, and Arclinea, redefining the notion of kitchen by blending design, technology, and sustainability.

Boffi Novanta
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Among the top ten indoor and outdoor kitchens presented at Milan Design Week, the Novanta kitchen, designed by Piero Lissoni to celebrate Boffi's 90th anniversary, stands out with a recessed base that gives the impression that the structure is levitating above the floor. The combination of islands and storage elements creates a system reminiscent of urban architecture. Material choices, from MDi to stainless steel, showcase Boffi's constant search for new architectural and tactile innovations, building on its rich industrial design heritage.

Arclinea Proxima
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At EuroCucina 2024, Arclinea's Proxima project exemplifies the brand’s commitment to a lifestyle concept where aesthetics are intricately shaped by performance. Antonio Citterio's hyper-functional kitchen features large, efficient appliances that merge professional-grade utility with a homey atmosphere, creating a space for experimentation and shared passions.

Its modularity, ample proportions, and multi-sided work surfaces are just some of its defining features, while the innovative Hortus element introduces a green component through a software-controlled hydroponic technology for growing herbs and small vegetables.

Arclinea Proxima
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Lago N.O.W.
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Daniele Lago's N.O.W. kitchen draws inspiration from the namesake cabinet system, a best-seller in the Lago collection. The “Not Only White” kitchen offers a vast array of color options through its distinctive glass-banded design, consistently evoking unique atmospheres. Features such as handle-free surfaces, continuous side finishes, bronze smoked glass cabinets, and integrated lighting provide unparalleled architectural elegance, balancing display and storage spaces to create a practical, aesthetically appealing kitchen that seamlessly merges functionality and style.

The VVD kitchen by Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C evolves with new elements and finishes for 2024. The aluminum structure creates the illusion that the elements are suspended above the floor, merging with warm materials like wood and marble to create a personal and exclusive appeal. New features include a 150 mm thick marble top, a 2700K dimmable LED lighting system integrated into the covers, and new finishes like Rosso Levanto marble, enhancing its refined aesthetic.

Dada VVD
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Poliform introduces new elements and finishes for two popular lines: Alea Pro and Artex Pro. Alea Pro now features the new Day Shaker open island bases with tops of varying thicknesses for a dynamic look. Drawers and display wall units have also been reimagined to blend seamlessly into the dining space.

Poliform Alea Pro
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Poliform Artex Pro
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Artex Pro introduces a tapered snack top and a new fossil elm solid wood finish, a precious antique wood that further enhances the kitchen's refined and exclusive style.

Among the celebrated reissues, Boffi's Cove Kitchen, designed by Zaha Hadid, updates her original monobloc design with new features like the curved-edge island top and new finishes, including clay, matte lacquer, and marble, breathing new life into this iconic design.

Falper. SLK Project
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Among this edition's highlights is the evolution of Falper's innovative Small Living Kitchen project. Designed by Andrea Federici for small spaces, SLK Project is a contract reinterpretation of the kitchen, now offering a broader range of colors and materials.

Transitioning from indoor to outdoor, Boffi presents the outdoor version of Joe Colombo's Minikitchen, an iconic monobloc, half-cubic-meter design, now made using materials that are suitable for covered outdoor environments.

Boffi also introduces Norbert Wangen's K6 Outdoor design, featuring a sliding, cantilevered top that transforms into a snack area or serving station.

Ernestomeda's K-Garden, previewed at Milan Design Week and designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, extends the K-lab kitchen's efficient, informal style to outdoor settings, adding multifunctional workstations equipped for BBQs, including girddles and grills, and outdoor cooking.

For the first time, in addition to indoor and outdoor solutions, EuroCucina 2024 includes the FTK - Technology For the Kitchen section, integrating home appliances and hi-tech applications as key design elements, bringing cutting-edge technology and exclusive aesthetics to kitchen projects.

Among the latest solutions from the world of home appliances is the new design by Patricia Urquiola for Signature's undercounter, convertible Refrigerator. Mantle is a sculptural, modular, freestanding cabinet, offered in cimento and natural or stained wood versions in Vanilla, Blue, Burgundy, Green, and Sand. The designer's idea was to integrate Signature Kitchen Suite's technology into a piece of furniture that adapts to any space, transforming the appliance into a design masterpiece.

In the evocative setting of "The Elevation of Gravity," Gaggenau's architectural installation at Milan Design Week, new additions to the collection are unveiled. The Essential Induction is the focal point of the brand's experience. This project enhances the appeal of minimalist aesthetics by distilling induction technology down to a few essential elements: a point, a surface, and a knob. The effect is unexpectedly dramatic.

Gaggenau also previews a new generation of cooling systems that set advanced standards for the industry, both technologically and aesthetically.

In the year of its 125th anniversary, Miele presents new products through an immersive experience that enlivens the exhibition booth under the theme "The Pulse of Every Kitchen."

In addition to new colors, Pearl Beige and Obsidian Black matt, the brand introduces groundbreaking technologies and features: an oven that cooks without heat, a special self-cleaning function, and combinations of different cooking methods in one appliance. Their products also include appliances that recognize and adapt to movements through hyper-connected technology and voice commands.

Bora is also showcasing an expanded range and new products in Milan, focusing on suction systems, the highlight of their collection, and cooling systems. They are also introducing new complementary kitchen elements such as lighting. New products include the Bora M Pure, the most flexible of Bora's compact cooktop suction systems with several induction cooking zones, and Bora Cool refrigerators.

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