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Founded in 1994 by Dirk Wynants, the Belgian company Extremis offers high quality, durable outdoor furniture capable of improving human interactions, with an eye on sustainability and environmental impact.

Functionality meets design in the Hopper collections, with original and playful picnic tables, Virus, also envisioned to be incorporated into urban contexts and Pantagruel, renewed in shape with a round rotating top.

Hopper Extremis

A new interpretation of the traditional picnic table, Hopper features a contemporary style and a singular silhouette reminiscent of the hop fields of the Belgian "Westhoek" region. Long benches and absolute comfort facilitate being in company, the brand's absolute goal.

Featuring simple low seating access and available in wood or entirely in aluminum, Hopper is perfect for equipping both residential environments and contract spaces.

Amai Extremis
Amai Extremis
Picknick Extremis

Zero waste! Created from the modelling of a single flat sheet of aluminum, the Picnik table, designed for two people, reveals unexpected cuts and folds. Dirk Wynants and artist Xavier Lust combine ideas to create a modern, extravagant and low maintenance piece of furniture with the perfect curvature for eating meals or reading a book. It is like a work of art that is comfortable to sit on.

Anker Extremis
Anker Extremis
Pantagruel Extremis
Pantagruel Extremis

Heir to the innovative Gargantua table, the first Extremis project, the Pantagruel table evolves, becoming a modern round picnic table with fixed benches and an integrated Lazy Susan rotating platform in HPL, to allow for the easy switching of courses. The warmth of wood is combined with the strength of steel, emphasizing the elegance of the sinuous shapes. Usable by up to eight people, the table goes well with the Inumbra or Inumbrina umbrellas.

ExtremisRomeo & Juliet
Romeno & Juliet Extremis
Virus Extremis

Soft lines and a surprising design characterize the Virus table, designed for urban gardens, offices, schools and also for smaller living spaces. The combination of identical integrated elements for the seat and top of different sizes and colours creates a playful atmosphere, adaptable to any environment. Made of galvanized and powder-coated steel and perfect to accommodate up to five people, Virus emphasizes the company's concept of bringing people together and surrounding them with calm.

Sensu Extremis
Sensu Extremis
Inumbrina Extremis

A lighter version of the iconic Inumbra, Inumbrina stands out for its elegance, high wind resistance and simplicity, thanks to an innovative pulley system. The hexagonal or octagonal shape creates a perfect shaded corner and enhances the minimal lines of the smooth canvas. No mechanical components are visible as they are designed to be at the top rather than the bottom.

Bistroo Extremis

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