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Ferm LIVING SS23, a fusion of art and design

The new SS23 collection by Ferm LIVING combines art and design in the objects of everyday life. The new pieces blend harmoniously into the spaces of a warm and cosy home, standing out for the Scandinavian brand's aesthetic and distinctive features.

At Ferm LIVING, details make all the difference and are further accentuated by the distinctive sculptural forms found in the collection's stools and vases, or by the now soft, now sharp lines that enhance the sideboards, tables and coffee tables featured in the series.

Ferm Living
Ferm Living Uta
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Ferm Living Agnes
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Ferm Living Kona
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Ferm Living Fountain
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Ferm Living Dou
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Ferm Living Harvest
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Ferm Living Vuelta
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Ferm Living Distinct
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Ferm Living Rico
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Ferm Living Shard
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Ferm Living Paste
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Sill is a versatile and functional storage solution that can be used in any room of the house. Its name is derived from the French word "sillon" or "carved groove", which is a feature of the cupboard's doors, made from FSC™ Mix certified oak veneer with an MDF core.

Ferm Living
Ferm Living Fountain
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Inspired by Japanese minimalism, the Distinct coffee table's design is the result of a careful study of the material, which creates a striking contrast to the rich earthy textures of travertine, a type of light-coloured calcareous sedimentary rock. The emphasis placed on the material chosen by the designer is instrumental to the coffee table's architectural and decisive character.

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Ferm Living
Ferm Living Lump
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Ferm Living

The Lump vase immediately stands out for its uneven, chunky glass dots placed individually by a skilled artisan. Entirely handmade and carefully mouth-blown from recycled glass, each vase has a unique aesthetic appeal. Once again Ferm LIVING's products embody the importance of celebrating and enhancing materials.

The Root stool is hand-carved from a single teak tree root, a type of wood that is often discarded in mass production. Artisans create the shape of the stool thus lending each piece unique and unrepeatable features.

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Ferm Living Bevel
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Ferm Living Herman
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Ferm Living Spun Alu
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Ferm Living Mineral
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Ferm Living Arum
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Ferm Living Shell
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Ferm Living Arum
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The Arum table lamp features a black marble base combined with an organically shaped shade suspended on a leaf-like metal arch. In addition to the table lamp, the Arum series also includes floor and wall versions.

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Ferm Living Vault
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Ferm Living Eve
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Ferm Living Arum Swivel
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During the Milan Design Week 2023, Mohd's showroom located at Via Turati 5 will include a space dedicated to Ferm LIVING.

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