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Flexform 2024: Crafting unique spaces

At Salone del Mobile 2024, Flexform unveils "Between the Folds". This installation introduces a new collection by Antonio Citterio, offering a sensory journey that merges design with tradition to embody the essence of contemporary living.

Living spaces are reimagined as elegant, innovative ecosystems, with each detail showcasing a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Advanced modularity, unparalleled comfort, and customized configurations. The Camelot seating system, designed by Antonio Citterio, elegantly juxtaposes the robustness of metal brackets and wood or leather bars with the plush comfort of upholstered seating in fabric or leather. Cushions feature elegantly customizable profiles, highlighting the system's modularity and comfort.

Arnold Flexform

Citterio's Arnold collection showcases minimalist tables and coffee tables with oblique legs, crafted from a single material for a contemporary twist on traditional design. These pieces are available in various shapes and finishes, including unique tops in back-painted glass and wood.

Adler Table
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Antonio Citterio's Adler table collection is celebrated for its simple yet versatile design. Slender, turned wood legs with metal tips support robust tops, designed with beveled edges. This collection includes an array of dining, console, and varying height tables, catering to diverse and original uses.

Alder Flexform
Eri Flexform

Designed by Japanese designer Fumie Shibata, the Eri armchair features a jacket lapel-inspired raised back, offering unparalleled enveloping comfort. Its soft down cushions rest on turned wooden legs, within an upholstered shell for stylish relaxation.

Luchino Flexform

Antonio Citterio's Luchino reimagines the classic folding chair with a blend of elegance and practicality. Constructed from fine solid wood with leather seats and backs, it features refined joints for easy carrying.

A tribute to Italian cabinet-making, the Lauren folding armchair showcases a contemporary design characterized by clean, precise lines. This elegant piece is meticulously crafted from hand-turned wood, complemented by metal and leather accents on the arms, seat, and back.

Lauren Flexform
Flexform Lauren
 Ozzy Flexform

Patrick Nourget's Ozzy pouf stands out for its originality and versatility, featuring compact proportions and sophisticated combinations of leather and fabric upholstery. Its ease of transport makes it an ideal choice for flexible seating arrangements across various rooms.

Calipso Flexform

Essential and intentionally simple, the Calipso chair by Citterio, perfect for outdoor settings, boasts a sinuous, weather-resistant metal frame. Its stackable design pairs seamlessly with the Flexform tables, ideal for both private and hospitality settings.

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Flexform introduces new modules to enhance the configurational flexibility of the Groundpiece seating system, its undisputed bestseller. Known for its deconstructed lines and innovative proportions, this collection has revolutionized the traditional sofa concept.

Oasis Flexform

Antonio Citterio's Oasis seating system creates intimate and cozy outdoor areas with its sinuous lines and the decorative mesh pattern on the wide metal backrests, crafted with handmade polypropylene or rubber rope weave. Soft cushions enhance the inviting nature of this collection, which is available in a variety of elegant color and texture combinations.

Oasis Flexform
Flexform Oasis
Oasis Flexform

Complementing the Oasis seating, the coffee tables and dining tables maintain the light, mesh pattern synonymous with the collection. Available in different shapes, sizes, and finishes, they are suitable for detailed outdoor settings.

The Alma armchair stands out with its commanding presence, balanced proportions, and graceful, enveloping lines, providing both comfort and a touch of formal elegance. Lightweight and versatile, it complements any dining table in the collection and is ideally suited for diverse settings, from home offices to executive spaces and conference rooms.

Alma Flexform
Vesta Flexform

The Vesta chair, inspired by the Roman goddess of the hearth, home, and family, combines ergonomic comfort with enveloping, balanced lines.

Inca Flexform

Juma's Inca rug, crafted from fine New Zealand wool and loop weave, evokes the intricate designs of pre-Columbian bas-reliefs. Available in three natural shades—Milk, Stone, and Anthracite—the rug can be custom-sized to fit any space.

Mori Flexform
Flexform Mori

Juma's Mori rug beautifully merges contemporary European textile art with natural motifs, inspired by a weave of grasses and wheat stalks. Handcrafted from New Zealand wool and cotton, this rug is available in customizable dimensions to suit any space.

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