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Flou: creating cozy and welcoming outdoor retreats

Flou's outdoor furniture combines gentle curves and plush upholstered fabrics, offering an ideal setting for unwinding in the open while adding a touch of sophistication to any space. The components of this collection are designed to be customized, matched, and integrated with existing styles and details. From the eclectic Flora armchair to the graceful curves of Gaudì's solid iroko wood, Flou's entire outdoor collection is a synthesis of allure and functionality.

Pierre Shell
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The remarkable feature of Flou's outdoor collection lies in the skillful fusion of typically inflexible materials, like the curved metal backrest, with delightfully soft and plush fabrics. The Pierre Shell armchair, offered in three sizes, boasts a noticeable and playful asymmetry that enhances its vibrant personality while ensuring unparalleled comfort. Like the rest of Flou's outdoor furniture proposals, the Pierre Shell armchair can be customised with a variety of upholstery and backrest colours, designed for outdoor use. Additionally, it features an array of finishes including anodic bronze, matt burnished, white, black, greige, and oxide.

Flou Gaudì
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Resembling a captivating visual symbol that harmonizes with the overall circular aesthetic of Flou's outdoor collection, the metal coffee tables from the Pierre series can be seamlessly combined with one another or with other pieces to create endless versatile configurations. With their gracefully curved base, these tables can be conveniently stacked and interconnected.

These lightweight coffee tables are available in four different sizes and heights. In addition, they come in a range of finishes specifically designed to withstand the most demanding outdoor conditions, including anodic bronze, matt burnished, white, black, greige, and oxide.

Designed with configurability and customization in mind, Flou's Flora armchair features alluring forms that lend it a versatile, contemporary aesthetic. The fabric gracefully embraces the seat and backrest, accentuating the curved profile, while black zippers allow for effortless removal. Drawing inspiration from flowers, as implied by its name, the Flora armchair seeks to establish a connection with lush vegetation and nature, seamlessly blending into its surroundings. As an additional feature, Flora offers the option of a removable cover, available in matching or contrasting colours to the frame.

Flou Flora
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Flou Pierre Shell
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Flou Gaudì
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Perfect for creating cozy nooks of relaxation, the Gaudì upholstered furniture collection boasts a delightful synergy between shapes and materials. It harmoniously combines the elegance of curved solid iroko wood, available in natural, coffee-stained, and grey-stained finishes, with fully removable textile covers specifically designed for outdoor use. The sinuous curves exude elegance and comfort, creating enchanting and distinctive settings for social gatherings. Offered in traditional or corner versions, the Gaudì armchair is a versatile designer piece that will effortlessly enhance any space.

Available in three distinct sizes, the poufs from the Pierre collection showcase captivating irregular shapes complemented by their striking upholstery adorned with visible stitching, accentuating their graceful curves. Resembling pebbles gently sculpted by water, they can be matched with other elements within the same series or be placed individually on terraces and gardens. Offering a unique blend of comfort and softness, the Pierre poufs are the ideal solution for creating intimate and inviting corners for moments of togetherness.

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