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CH24 Birthday Edition: Celebrating Hans J. Wegner's legacy

Hans J. Wegner was one of the most influential designers of organicism, a new approach to architecture and design that arose from the modernist movement in the 1920s. With his innovative creations, he radically changed the popular understanding of furniture of that time.

A Danish carpenter's apprentice, he created his first chair at the age of fifteen. His art, admired in museums all over the world, is the perfect combination of Nordic functionality and Chinese-style craftsmanship, a distinctive feature that would lead him to a fruitful chair-making career. His long collaboration with Carl Hansen & Søns resulted in many iconic designs, like the CH24 Wishbone Chair, the Mama Bear armchair and the Elbow.

Hans J. Wegner

Functionality and sustainability are two defining traits of his designs, perfectly exeplifying the essence of Scandinavian design. The slender and gracefully curved forms along with the use of materials like wicker weaves, leather, metal and rope, evoke the traditional craftsmanship of a timeless style that resonates with people all around the globe.

Carl Hansen & Søns
Carl Hansen & Søns
CH24 Chair - Birthday Edition 2023
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The sketch was made in pencil on a squared sheet of paper, and already showed the curved backrest and the forked wooden element resembling the wishbone of birds.

To mark the anniversary of Wegner's birth, Carl Hansen & Søn is launching a limited edition of the famous CH24 Wishbone Chair, with an oak frame and an oil finish. The Birthday Edition of the chair features a double-weave paper cord seat which, together with the commemorative brass plaque displaying the designer's signature, breathes new life into this elegant design, making it a must-have collector's item.

Carl Hansen & Søn
Carl Hansen & Søn CH23
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Carl Hansen & Søn's catalogue includes masterpieces of Scandinavian design, like the sturdy CH23 dining chair, the comfortable and well proportioned CH26, the CH33P and CH33T with their laid-back yet well-thought-out design, and the sophisticated CH20, perfect for the dining room and the most elegant spaces of the house.

Each piece is the result of complex manual proccesses that lend it an ostensible simplicity, partly due to the use of natural materials. The Danish designer values the use of wood for its aesthetic qualities, which are enhanced through the application of traditional cabinet-making techniques and expert carpentry knowledge.

Carl Hansen & Søn
Carl Hansen & Søn CH26
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Carl Hansen & Søn CH25
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Carl Hansen & Søn
Carl Hansen & Søn CH78
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Wood, Wegner's preferred material, takes centre stage in his most iconic armchair designs produced for Carl Hansen & Søn. From the CH25 to the CH78 lounge chair, commonly known as Mama Bear, wood plays a vital role. The supreme comfort of wide seats and padded backrests is eloquently expressed in the popular CH07 and CH445, which recalls the sculptural aesthetics of Chinese design.

Carl Hansen & Søn
Carl Hansen & Søn CH07
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The production of sofas brings to life the CH72 and the elegant CH163, which features a handmade wooden frame, flame-retardant cold foam seats and backrests, available in fabric or leather options for an elegant, versatile and modern look.

Carl Hansen & Søn CH72
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Carl Hansen & Søn CH33P
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Carl Hansen & Søn CH327
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The designer's passion for carpentry techniques alongside an extensive experimentation with natural materials resulted in a variety of extendable tables and coffee tables with a versatile and resistant design, including the CH338 in solid wood, the CH322 extendable table with steel base, and the CH008 coffee table, available in oak, walnut or teak. The memorable CH106 coffee table features a steel base and a glass top, while the CH417 has a laminated or veneered solid wood top.

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