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How to: choose the right number of chairs for your table.When the harmony of the room depends on their arrangement.

In order for the combination of table and chairs to be effective, there must be a proper balance between design, functionality and aesthetics, without any element being favored at the expense of another. Therefore, when choosing the chairs and table, it will be imperative to study the shapes and proportions at best so that the chosen combination can be enjoyed in a comfortable and natural way. These guidelines will simplify the process by providing some useful tips and inspiration to make your environment a place where chairs and table become poetry.

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To make the room comfortable, the first point to consider is the proportion of the elements. Besides the size of the table and the chairs, it will be important to evaluate if the latter naturally slide under the top, without any obstacle from legs and armrests. This interplay of combinations is crucial to ensure the comfort and mobility of the diner, who should be able to enjoy the setting in perfect ease.

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The maximum number of chairs recommended for a table is not always the best one. For instance, if one were to choose a seat with a significant width (a chair with arms, for example), it might be necessary to reduce the amount of seats in order to prioritize the comfort and livability of the room itself. Generally speaking, it might be wise to prefer a solution with two fewer fixed chairs and two more movable chairs.

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If one wants to create a homely vibe, the best option will be wide chairs with armrests: their design invites guests to sit and fills the room, conveying an idea of gathering and protection. For those who want to preserve the airiness of the space, it is possible to diversify the seats and prefer wide chairs only at the head of the table.

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By following these guidelines, you will be able to select the shape of the table that suits you best, while matching the most appropriate type of seating. In terms of versatility, the oval table is the most flexible, since its elongated shape and the absence of corners makes it possible to adjust the placement of chairs without their width being too rigid a constraint.

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