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2024 International Bathroom Exhibition: antoniolupi, Salvatori e Agape new collections

Growing in versatility and importance, the bathroom is redefined as a vital living space enriched by the combination of eco-friendly, recyclable materials and colorful finishes. The International Bathroom Exhibition showcases new design treasures with bold yet minimalist lines. New collections from antoniolupi, Salvatori, and Agape present genuine architectural elements to both be used and admired, combining aesthetic with functionality to bring a unique style into the space dedicated to self-care and relaxation.

Nabatei Collection Antoniolupi

During this Design Week, the antoniolupi bathroom catalog unveils new projects, reinterpretations, and additions to existing, successful collections. Each creation exudes the brand's unmistakable sophistication.

antoniolupi Nabatei Collection
Nabatei Wall-mounted Freestanding
Antoniolupi Nabatei Wall-mounted
AntoniolupiNabatei Wall-mounted Shop online
Antoniolupi Nabatei Freestanding
AntoniolupiNabatei FreestandingShop online

Sculptural and eye-catching, the Nabatei collection by antoniolupi captivates with its bold lines and clean forms. Available in an array of stone or cristalmood finishes, these washbasins offer a variety of customization options, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.

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The elegant design of the Flow washbasin inspires the latest antoniolupi project, Filorigo. This washbasin seamlessly combines purity of form with practical functionality. A slender central column, polished to evoke a sense of lightness, serves as the pedestal for a basin adorned with striking vertical grooves.

The integrated lighting adds a stylish touch, transforming the washbasin into a luminous focal point in any bathroom.

Filorigo Antoniolupi
Filorigo Antoniolupi 2024
Skyline Antoniolupi
Skyline Wall-mounted Washbasin
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Skyline Collection Antoniolupi 2024

Designed by Antonio Iraci for antoniolupi, the Skyline washbasin interacts with space through a captivating interplay of geometries. With its architectural arrangement of staggered planes, parallel lines, and alternating full and empty spaces, Skyline emerges as a sculptural marvel, boasting a minimalist yet profoundly scenic presence.

Salvatori The Small Hours

For Milan Design Week 2024, Salvatori unveils an exclusive collection born from the first collaboration with Patricia Urquiola. Named "The Small Hours", it evokes the serene moments of early morning, when the world falls silent and the ritual of self-care begins. This collection stands out for its juxtaposition of materials—natural marble and polished steel—creating a harmonious synthesis that introduces new aesthetic perspectives.

The Small Hours Patricia Urquiola x Salvatori
Salvatori The Small Hours

Patricia Urquiola has crafted a range of washbasin, including, wall-hung, freestanding, and countertop designs, as well as a uniquely shaped shower tray. The collection also includes a round bathtub with a luxurious marble exterior and a steel interior. Complementing these main pieces are an array of accessories, including tops with backsplashes, shelves, open compartments, backlit mirrors, and more. Each element within the collection transforms any space into a personal haven, offering an unparalleled emotional and sensorial experience during the morning routine.

The Small Hours Salvatori 2024
The Small Hours Details Salvatori
Cenote Agape

Agape unveils its 2024 collection featuring designs by Patricia Urquiola, Benedini Associati, Alessandro Andreucci, and a new collaboration with Vismaravetro. This collection embodies an architectural approach to bathroom design, emphasizing the intrinsic connection between form and function.

The new Cenote freestanding bathtub, designed by Patricia Urquiola, joins the eponymous washbasin collection unveiled in 2022. Each Cenote bathtub boasts a hand-crafted outer surface with a naturally irregular finish, paired with a glossy enameled interior. This meticulous craftsmanship ensures that every bathtub is a unique and singular piece. With its graceful curves and deep magma hue, the Cenote Lava version, meticulously carved from lava stone, exudes both strenght and warmth. The thicker rounded edges at the base further enhance its appeal.

Cenote Lava Agape
Agape Craft

Craft draws inspiration from the pioneering concept that birthed the modular Eron system in 1975, envisioned by Giampaolo Benedini. This revolutionary design introduced a new architectural perspective to the bathroom space. At its core lies the notion of structural autonomy, enabling wall installation, niche construction, and, most importantly, independent island configuration.

Agape Craft
Craft Agabe 2024
Nudo XL Agape

Benedini Associati also presents the new Nudo XL boiserie for Agape. This innovative system allows you to arrange mirrors and panels with versatility, facilitating the creation of accessory-rich, functional walls with an inherently distinctive aesthetic. By juxtaposing materials, adjusting panel dimensions, incorporating backlit modules, and adding shelves, the boiserie can be fully customized to suit individual preferences and requirements.

Nudo XL Agape
Voilà Agape 2024

The new Voilà container, designed by Alessandro Andreucci for Agape, stands out as an exceptionally versatile addition that seamlessly integrates into the space, concealing its contents behind a mirror that pivots at two points along the vertical axis. With a simple rotation of the mirror surface, Voilà unveils an interior equipped with shelves, towel rails, and FM sockets, offering practicality in a sleek design.

Voilà Agape
Agape Voilà
Div Agape 2024

Agape collaborates with Vismaravetro to introduce the Div partition system, envisoned by Castiglia Associati. Featuring modular glass panels, Div offers a versatile solution for dividing and organizing interiors, whether in a room, bathroom, or shower.

Agape Div

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