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New bathroom furniture for 2024: The evolution of self-care spaces balancing aesthetics and function

The new creations by Ex.t, Rexa Design, and Ceramica Cielo illustrate an evolving room that centers around an essential, no-frills aesthetic. Here, the material—be it marble, ceramic, or wood—takes the spotlight, combined in exclusive mix-and-match styles and sculpted into either sculptural and plastic forms or minimalist and organic shapes.

Alongside the aesthetic component, there is a growing appreciation for functionality, making it a key element in defining the bathroom as a temple of well-being and self-care.


Ex.t introduces us to a bathroom space rich in refined details, renewing existing collections and enhancing new projects with a minimalistic aesthetic that boasts great decorative potential.

Ex.t Berg

Designed for commercial spaces, the new Berg collection perfectly blends functionality and sophistication with its stainless steel and aluminum design, showcasing an extraordinary versatility.

Ex.t Beam

The Beam collection is enriched with a sophisticated washbasin featuring a curvilinear shape that mirrors the bathtub’s form, alongside a wooden storage unit with a compact, square design. A travertine marble side top adds functionality for organizing objects.

Ex.t Stand
Ex.t Stand
Ex.tStand Shop online
Ex.t Stand Round
Ex.tStand Round Shop online
Ex.t Stand Oval
Ex.tStand Oval Shop online

For its 10th anniversary, Ex.t's slender and streamlined Stand console table now features an unusual dark-stained ash wood frame that creates a pleasing color contrast. Functional and ideal for even the smallest rooms, Stand combines Scandinavian architecture with Italian style.

Rexa Design
Design Rexa

Rexa Design's 2024 collection features new designs by Yonoh Studio, Studio Monica Graffeo, and Studio Batoni, celebrating the fusion of form and material, aesthetics and function.

Designed by Monica Graffeo for Rexa Design, the Zen freestanding bathtub showcases a warm, enveloping design, delivering an unparalleled relaxation experience. Its essential, geometric profile reveals a fluid, contoured edge inside, making it suitable for confined spaces, the center of a room, or against a wall.

Zen Rexa Design
Rexa Design Zen

Monica Graffeo also introduces the new Cava bathtub, whose shape references the ancient amphora. Made of marble, it is an essential element that brings timeless elegance to the bathroom.

Rexa Design Luni

Luni, another creation by Monica Graffeo, features an asymmetrical shape that recalls the natural basin formed by flowing water. This original project highlights marble’s fluidity and solidity, making it a striking centerpiece that seamlessly blends form and function.

Rexa Design Pure

Pure, a goblet-shaped washbasin designed by Studio Batoni for Rexa Design, elegantly combines essential shapes to create a harmonious and functional element. An integrated LED light adds a stylish touch, illuminating the washbasin and providing a soft, ambient glow that serves as a courtesy light, enhancing the overall bathroom experience.

Rexa Design Ethere

Yonoh Creative Studio's washbasin for Rexa Design stems from the idea of creating an archetype of no-frills simplicity through a striking, minimalist design that serves as the focal point of the bathroom. Ethere features a hidden water drainage system concealed beneath a marble crescent that also functions as a practical countertop for daily use.

Otis Cielo

With an approach to design that seamlessly combines tradition and contemporary aesthetics, Ceramica Cielo unveils new collections under the artistic direction of Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano. A tribute to ceramics, showcasing its ability to shape both form and function by blending the craftsmanship of master ceramists with the most modern design principles. Soft, sinuous lines define the plastic and essential forms in the new Otis collection, designed by Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano.

Ceramica Cielo Collezioni 2024
Ceramica Cielo Salone del Mobile 2024
Ceramica Cielo 2024

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