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KartellMilano.Urban Horizons: Milanese Architecture inspires the 2024 new arrivals

KartellMilano.Urban Horizons: the exhibition space, hosting the 2024 new arrivals, pays homage to the city of Milan and its most iconic settings, becoming a source of inspiration for the new creations and providing the perfect backdrop to bring the collection's concept to life.

The new collection by Kartell is defined by the combination of new materials and technological solutions. Simple lines merge with subtle decorations inspired by tradition, unveiling a fresh creative vision. Essential shapes are enriched with floral prints, as seen in the H.H.H. chair, or enhanced by generous volumes, like the Aaland upholstered pieces, designed to create cozy relaxation nooks.

Kartell Milano Urban Horizons Salone del Mobile 2024
Teresa Kartell

Featuring sinuous curves and a warm radiance, the Teresa table lamp from Kartell subtly recalls the gentle unfurling of flower petals. For Salone del Mobile 2024, this classic piece will also be available in limited-edition colors: Amber, Azure, Petroleum, and Mauve.

Teresa Ferruccio Laviani x Kartell
Bellissima Floor Kartell

In addition to introducing new colors for Teresa, Ferruccio Laviani expands the Bellissima family with a new floor lamp, Luce, completing the collection. This new addition boasts a gracefully curved structure that extends above the illuminated area. Luce offers versatile lighting options, ideal for dining areas, reading corners, or lounges, and is offered in two variations: one featuring a glass sphere and the other showcasing an LED cone.

Luce Kartell
Luce Feeruccio Laviani x Kartell
Philippe Starck x Kartell A.I.O.R.I
A.I. Collection Kartell Salone del Mobile 2024

The A.I. Lounge armchair captivates with its plush comfort and impeccable seating experience. With its clean, contemporary lines, this chair skillfully blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, with a focus on environmental sustainability. Crafted with recycled materials, it is suitable for both infoor and outdoor use.

AI Collection Kartell Salone del Mobile 2024
A.I. Lounge A.I. Consolle Kabuki Kartell
A.I. Lounge Kartell Salone del Mobile 2024

The collection is also joined by the new A.I. Console and the A.I.O.R.I. folding chair. Philippe Starck's innovative vision, through the use of artificial intelligence, breathes life into unique creations that combine functionality and aesthetics, unveiling modern and captivating designs.

Aaland Kartell

From Patricia Urquiola's creative vision for Kartell comes the Aaland collection, featuring sofas, armchairs, and poufs inspired by the imagery of archipelagos. These pieces boast free, sinuous forms that flow together, creating fluid and rounded spaces ideal for socializing or relaxing. Each piece extends and merges like islands, creating new spaces for comfort and togetherness.

Aaland Patricia Urquiola x Kartell
Aaland Kartell Salone del Mobile 2024
Belvedere Kartell

Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba designed the new Belvedere chair drawing inspiration from the Viennese palace after which it is named. Belvedere seamlessly merges Kartell's expertise in innovative materials, like carbon fiber, with elements reminiscent of Viennese craftsmanship, such as straw. This stylistic fusion fosters an original and groundbreaking project, showcasing a dialogue between tradition and modernity.

Kartell Belvedere
Belvedere Detail Kartell
Belvedere Albert Kartell Salone del Mobile 2024
Albert Kartell
Ludovica + Roberto Palomba x Kartell Albert

The designer duo continues their collaboration with Kartell for another standout piece in the 2024 collection. Drawing on Kartell's knack for reinterpreting classic designs with cutting-edge materials, the Albert table reimagines a quintessentially French late 18th-century aesthetic, now presented in a sleek, 100% recyclable aluminum finish. Its large ceramic surface not only provides ample space but also ensures versatility, making it suitable for outdoor use with its exclusive polished touch.

Hiray Kartell Salone del Mobile 2024
Hiray Kartell

The HiRay outdoor collection, conceived by Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba, sees a an expansion with the introduction of a larger, more comfortable sofa. Boasting abundant cushioning and available in a variety of upholstery options, this new addition is suitable for a wider range of settings.

Hiray Ludovica + Roberto Palomba x Kartell
Jewel Lamp Kartell

Fabio Novembre unveils his latest creations for Kartell: the Jewel table and the Pumo lamp. The Jewel table epitomizes Kartell's aesthetic with its transparent, wavy surfaces reminiscent of a precious gem.

The Pumo lamp translates the design of its namesake centerpiece into a lamp format, preserving the original aesthetic inspired by a symbol of Auplian tradition.

Jewel Fabio Novembre x Kartell
Pumo Fabio Novembre Kartell
Asia Kartell
WiseWise Kartell
Asia WiseWise Piero Lissoni x Kartell

Piero Lissoni introduces the new Asia collection for Kartell, featuring a range of compact and cozy seating options, two sofas and an armchair. These pieces blend a minimalist metal structure with generous cushioning, creating a harmonious balance between clean, sleek lines and plush comfort—a defining trait of the series.

Additionally, Lissoni also designs the WiseWise system, a modular structure offering versatile configurations for crafting functional furniture pieces like bookcases, consoles, or sofa complements.

Asia WiseWise Kartell
Kartell Trix Liberty Collection

The Kartell x Liberty collaboration marks the dawn of a new era in creativity and style for the Milanese brand, that breathes life into iconic pieces like the Pop sofa, the Trix pouf by Piero Lissoni, and the Cara armchair by Philippe Starck, adorning them with vibrant floral patterns. The new fabrics, designed for outdoor use, introduce a new aeshtetic dimension to the original designs that make up the new Liberty Outdoor Collection.

kartell x Liberty
Trix Liberty Collection Kartell
H.H.H Kartell

The H.H.H. chair, acronym for HER HIGHEST HIGHNESS, is a pioneer of technological innovation and a symbol of style and refinement. Designer Philippe Starck reimagines the chair's very essence, elevating it beyond its everyday function to establish a profound connection with the user and imbuing it with a sense of unparalleled elegance and sophistication. As part of the new Kartell x Liberty collaboration, the H.H.H. chair is adorned with vibrant floral patterns, complemented by legs in contrasting colors, resulting in a remarkable fusion of creativity and style.

H.H.H. Kartell
Philippe Starck H.H.H. Kartell Salone del Mobile 2024
Barbie x Kartell Limited Edition

After the resounding success of the iconic Barbie universe, Kartell embarks on a special collaboration with Mattel Creations.

Introducing the Barbie x Kartell partnership, which brings to life doll versions of five iconic Kartell chairs (AI, Venice, Louis Ghost, Masters, Ero/s), each reimagined with the unmistakable pink touch inspired by Barbie.

Barbie x Kartell

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