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KDLN, an ever-evolving design language

KDLN represents the contemporary expression of the journey that began with Kundalini in 1996. Today, the company rightfully holds a prominent position in the world of Italian design. With a distinctive, universally appealing style, it swiftly emerged as one of the most acclaimed and widely recognized names in the industry.

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In the year 2020, the renowned brand Kundalini underwent a significant transformation, including a name change, marking the company's evolution from its 1990s origins to the present day. The brand's philosophy still revolves around a project built upon three pivotal principles: idea, approach, and method. The project embraces an innovative perspective, emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility. It assembles a collective of both world-famous and emerging designers who breathe life into a shared vision, blending distinct cultures and experiences. Additionally, KDLN collaborates with manufactures renowned for their expertise, fostering a platform for experimentation and research.

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KDLN presents a wide selection of lamps and lighting solutions, encompassing pendant, table, wall, and floor lamps. Each product is thoughtfully designed to harmonize with diverse furnishing styles and cater to a variety of lighting requirements.

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The Kushi lamp stands as one of KDLN's most iconic creations. Designed by Alberto Saggia and Valerio Sommella, this lamp artfully combines traditional elements with a contemporary aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the culinary world, the Kushi lamp, named after the Japanese word for "skewer", pays homage to oriental cuisine. Its slender frame gracefully contrasts the lamp body, resulting in a captivating visual interplay and a soft, ambient glow that effortlessly transforms any space.

The Kyudo floor lamp represents a captivating fusion of elegance and minimalism, a true testament to how inspiration drawn from the world of martial arts can transform into a functional work of art. Crafted by the visionary minds at Hansandfranz, this lamp features a versatile diffuser mounted on a sliding track, allowing you to tailor its illumination to your liking. Kyudo is a contemporary arc lamp, exuding a powerful visual presence that will undoubtedly leave its mark on any space it graces.

Dew embodies the essence of compositional freedom. Much like delicate dewdrops, these glass spheres create mesmerizing glimmers and interplays of light within any setting. Dew, a suspension lamp designed by the talented Emmanuel Babled, offers you the opportunity to create endless lighting arrangements, whether it's one, two, or an infinite number of elements, allowing you to design a new lighting concept each time.

Sling, a recent standout addition, features a single-core cable that gracefully supports small aluminium light sources. In the ever-evolving realm of modular lighting, Sling emerges as a contemporary suspension lamp that allows for personalized configuration, giving rise to unexpected and captivating light installations every time it's employed. With Sling, Chris Basias and KDLN create geometries that appear to effortlessly float in the air, infusing spaces with an air of wonder.

Among the new offerings in 2023, we find a floor lamp inspired by the principles of De Stijl, embracing linearity and simplicity in form. Designed by Francesca Smiraglia, Model T captures these ideals beautifully. With a dimmable feature, an opaline methacrylate diffuser, and a metal structure available in three distinct finishes, this floor lamp presents volumes and geometries that reveal unexpected connections. Perfectly suited for the home environment, it stands as a discreet yet contemporary addition, seamlessly adapting to its surroundings with a touch of modern allure.

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