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Wiener GTV Design, “La Saracena”. Atmospheres suspended in time.

This year more than ever before, Wiener GTV Design presents an entirely new project, immersed in the constant search for balance between the ever-faster modern world and the natural state of things. This is the reason for the name of the collection, La Saracena Slow Living, set in the "Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea", outside the gates of Rome, in Santa Marinella. On the Latium coast, at Villa Saracena, a new and sensational story is born, a tale of images that takes the reader, or the observer, into an atmosphere suspended in time. The new Wiener GTV Design catalog reveals a strong personality that can suit every room of the home and meet different present-day lifestyles.

     GTV La Saracena
      GTV La Saracena

    Best known for its timeless design, since 1842Wiener GTV Design has been telling the story of a calling and a deep design investigation. Following a brilliant intuition, the designer and founder Michael Thonet patented the innovative technique of wood bending and Vienna straw weaving, two great archetypes destined to give life to one of the most beloved collections of chairs worldwide, pieces that still inspire and attract new generations.
      GTV La Saracena

    "Un equilibrio virtuosistico tra aperto e chiuso, in cui le forme divengono lo strumento di un preciso intento emotivo."


      GTV La Saracena
      GTV La Saracena
    Not just a staircase, Ladder is an original and versatile furniture element, a valet stand that can perform a number of functions. Creating an elegant effect of graphic lines on the wall, the ancient Thonet steam bending technique is used to create a solid, lightweight piece of indoor furniture whose pegs, rounded on one side, follow one another in a mirror-like way.
      GTV La Saracena Living
    Targa is a project by GamFratesi for Gebrüder Thonet Vienna. This collection includes an elegant two or three-seater sofa, an armchair and a pouf. The sofa features a bent beech structure in various finishes, while the seat and back cushions are upholstered in a variety of fabrics and colors. Ideal for contract spaces and residential settings, the Targa Sofa expresses an idea of comfort and design that suggests intimate and refined sociability.
       GTV La Saracena Living
    Conceived by Michael Anastassiades for Wiener GTV Design in 2009, the N.200 Lounge chair was created to celebrate the bicentenary of the opening of Michael Thonet's first joinery workshop in 1819. The homage to Thonet tradition is evident in the name of the product, which celebrates the anniversary while reinstating the practice of naming chairs with ascending numbers. Modern and sophisticated, the lounge chair made of steam-bent wood and Vienna straw is in line with the brand's historic designs, becoming a further expression of the manufacturing skills of Wiener GTV Design.
     GTV La Saracena Outdooor
    Lehnstuhl -WIENER GTV DESIGN
    Cozy shapes and a classy silhouette. The Lehnstuhl lounge chair interprets the brand's archetypes with daring elegance, becoming a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The seat features a comfortable backrest made of Vienna straw with a large mesh version and elegant curves of beech wood. The comfort experience is further enhanced by the sinuous and balanced lines of the armrests that enhance the cozy design of the piece.
    GTV La Saracena Outdoor
     Gtv La Saracena Oluce Atollo Table Lamp
     Coar Rock Bench
     Gtv La Saracena Bed
      Gtv La Saracena
      Gtv La Saracen
    Beaulieu Poltroncina -WIENER GTV DESIGN
    Beaulieu Poltroncina
    Feng Paravento -WIENER GTV DESIGN
    Feng Paravento

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