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Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Limited Edition: where driving meets the elegance of a designer living room

The Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Limited Edition is the result of the collaboration between two Italian excellences in automotive and furniture design. This partnership highlights the core principles of innovation and sustainability within Cassina's philosophy, exemplified by the creation of a fully electric car personalized to evoke the elegance of a living room.

Lancia Ypsilon Limited Edition Cassina
Lancia Ypsilon Cassina
Lancia Ypsilon LE Cassina

Cassina's exquisite craftsmanship elevates the exclusivity of this model by incorporating refined and unconventional elements compared to the classic optional extras. The coffee table, a groundbreaking addition not typically found in automotive design, features a blue leather top with Cassina's logo and a serial number.

Maralunga Nuvola Rossa Cassina
Cassina 675 Maralunga
Cassina675 Maralunga Shop online
Cassina194 9 Coffee Table Shop online
Karakter Awkward
KarakterAwkward Shop online
Cassina 114 Nuvola Rossa
Cassina114 Nuvola Rossa Shop online
Cassina 084 Sahara Grid
Cassina084 Sahara Grid Shop online

The campaign images draw a parallel between the sophisticated interiors of the Cassina home and the experience of luxurious comfort and style within the vehicle. The spot showcases the iconic design of the Maralunga in an elegant blue finish, mirroring the soft recycled velvet that envelops the car's seats, alongside other iconic and best-selling pieces from the collection.

Lancia Ypsilon Limited Edition Cassina
Maralunga Cassina
Cassina194 9 Coffee Table Shop online
Cassina 675 Maralunga
Cassina675 Maralunga Shop online
Karakter Sferico
KarakterSferico Shop online
Cassina No Vanitas Mirror
CassinaNo Vanitas Mirror Shop online
Cassina Ficupala
CassinaFicupala Shop online
Cassina Colourdisc
CassinaColourdisc Shop online
Cassina 269 Mex Coffee Table
Cassina269 Mex Coffee Table Shop online
Cassina 230 Modular Imagination Pouf
Cassina230 Modular Imagination Pouf Shop online
Cassina Impronta Mano
CassinaImpronta Mano Shop online
Sengu Dudet Cassina
Cassina Dudet
CassinaDudetShop online
Cassina 559 Sengu Table
Cassina559 Sengu Table Shop online
Cassina Ficupala
CassinaFicupala Shop online
Cassina 088 Cassina Objects - Jelly
Cassina088 Cassina Objects - Jelly Shop online
4 Chaise Longue à Reglage Continu
Shop online
Nuova Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina

From the selection of materials to the choice of colors and finishes, the limited-edition model embodies the exceptional care and attention to detail inherent in Cassina's tradition, resonating with the spirit of Lancia through an exclusive design interpretation.

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