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Laurameroni, authentic Italian luxury craftsmanship

Be different, be unique is the motto of Laurameroni, the Brianza-based company founded in 2000 with the intention of enhancing the most ancient craft techniques in collections that become multisensory experiences. The savoir-faire of the most important Italian design district, Brianza, meets a constant research on precious materials, to give life to an artistic tale, between luxury and emotions.

Between sculpture and architecture, the Novencentotrenta table lamp is a superb homage to the artistic avant-gardes of the 1930s and their visual stylings. The geometric volumes are made of fine materials, kid parchment and brass with a burnished finish.

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Instantly recognizable thanks to the rich handmade draping of the upholstery, available in leather or velvet, the Drapé sofa is an authentic celebration of craftsmanship. The irregularity of the pleating makes each piece unique and unrepeatable, even in its important tactile value.

La credenza Infinity è un progetto quintessenziale, che sembra richiamare nelle proprie linee avvolgenti il simbolo del concetto da cui prende il nome. Il basamento e le ante intagliati con un disegno geometrico alveolare sono un perfetto esempio di lusso e artigianalità.

Inspired by the iconic Collectionist storage cabinet made of fossil wood, the new sideboard echoes its curvilinear design and finishes that combine wood with metal and marble elements. Composed of authentic pieces of art, the collection includes a low, a high and a medium sideboard.

Rounded edges, beveled corners, and delicate but firm juxtapositions of materials - the Talento table is distinguished by the sense of suspension and lightness conferred by its legs, characterised by an unusual shape and the fact that they always come in an odd number.

The Drapé Soleil swivel armchair attracts attention just like the sun it evokes in its name - in its round, welcoming shape, the classic draperies of the Drapé collection look like refined, precious rays.

Balancing tradition and contemporaneity, Tray side tables are available in three different shapes and sizes, united by their curvilinear design. The frame has an unusual "tray effect", and the top is available in multiple precious finishes, including rye straw marquetry, of high craftsmanship value.

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