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Le Bambole Stella McCartney x B&B Italia

Iconic design, sustainable fashion and eco-friendly fabrics: British designer Stella McCartney reinterprets the armchair and sofa of Le Bambole, a collection designed by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia.

The new, original version of Le Bambole armchair is upholstered with a hand-drawn "Fungi Forest" print from Stella McCartney's 2022 summer runway collection. The collaboration stems from Stella's long-time personal passion for Mario Bellini's creations and celebrates Le Bambole's 50th anniversary.

Le Bambole - B&B Italia
Le Bambole - Bambola Armchair x Stella McCartney
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Half a century after its debut, Le Bambole series continues to evolve by incorporating innovative design features and details that make these seating solutions even more comfortable and sustainable. The Stella McCartney x B&B Italia collection consists of the Bambola armchair, the Bibambola 2-seater sofa and the Granbambola 3-seater sofa.

Le Bambole B&B Italia

The capsule collection combines the unquestionable quality and durability of B&B Italia's products with responsible choices in terms of materials and construction techniques, inspired by Stella McCartney's environmental commitment. Indeed, the two brands embrace the concept of sustainability: the new edition of Le Bambole by B&B Italia is produced using a new technology designed to maximise sustainability and circularity.

Le Bambole - Granbambola Sofa x Stella McCartney
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The Stella McCartney x B&B Italia capsule collection also introduces an unprecedented sustainable innovation: the upholstery is in fact made of 100% biodegradable polyester fabric. The new version of Le Bambole can also be fully disassembled to facilitate any maintenance work and to recover materials in the most responsible way when the product's life cycle comes to an end.

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