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Alchemist: Lee Broom's new lighting collection at NYCxDesign

At the NYCxDesign Festival, running from May 17 to 23, Lee Broom will unveil his new Alchemist collection for the first time. This series of lamps explores the craft of alchemy, viewed not only as the transformation of raw metals into luminous pieces—coveted objects of desire—but also as a profound, metaphysical practice intertwined with astrological, mythological, and folkloric themes.

Much like an alchemist, Lee Broom conjures from the void creations that meld functionality with beauty and spirituality. He taps into a rich emotional well, consistently highlighting the symbiotic relationship between function and spiritual depth. This approach sees folklore and myth as endless sources of inspiration.

Alchemist Mythos Lee Broom
Mythos Lee Broom

The collection features four distinct lines of lighting fixtures—Mythos, King, Solstice, and Gemini—each showcasing a fusion of traditional brass welding with glass, acrylic, and leather elements in their design.

Mythos draws inspiration from the mythological story of Prometheus. This brass pendant lamp features two interconnected sculptural elements that encase an illuminated glass sphere. Elegantly suspended from a hand-sewn leather strap, the hidden wiring makes the light source seem invisible. Offered in satin brass and blackened brass finishes, Mythos combines classic elegance with a touch of modern innovation.

Gemini Lee Broom

The design of the Gemini lamp is inspired by its namesake zodiac sign and echoes the tools traditionally associated with alchemists. It features a uniquely designed capsule, slightly offset to reveal a brushed brass surface that hints at the aesthetic of Broom’s iconic Crescent Light. The modular nature of these elements allows for vertical or horizontal arrangement, as well as clustering into larger configurations, offering limitless possibilities for customization.

Alchemist Gemini Lee Broom
Gemini Lee Broom Alchemist Collection
King Lee Broom

King stands out with a pendant design that asserts its presence, ruling over the space with a sculptural arrangement of vertical brass bars that chase one another, forming multiple circles. This sophisticated structure creates a striking visual impact, commanding appreciation for its intricate artistry.

Lee Broom King
Solstice Lee Broom

Solstice draws inspiration from the rituals performed at Stonehenge during the summer and winter solstices. It features a light sculpture with an opaque glass globe that evokes the sun’s perfection, set within a square brass frame that recalls the monumental aesthetics of monoliths.

Alchemist Solstice Lee Broom
Alchemist Solstice Lee Broom

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