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Light Art: Natural inspirations in luminous installations

Successful, new, and iconic collections crafted not just to illuminate but to adorn your space with timeless style. From Tom Dixon's Melt to Bomma's Dew Drops, each lamp becomes a wellspring of inspiration and a crucial design element. These lamp families effortlessly weave nature's essence into mesmerizing light installations, elevating their surroundings to new heights of sophistication.

Melt Family Tom Dixon
Melt Led Chandelier Large
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A luminous object, imperfect and distorted in form, yet captivating and hypnotic in the imagery it evokes: the fluid dance of molten glass, the graceful interiors of a melting glacier, or the mysterious dephts of intergalactic space.

Melt LED Suspension
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Melt Cone Fat Floor
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Tom Dixon Fat Lounge Chair
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Tom Dixon Melt Cone Fat
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Created in collaboration with Front, Tom Dixon's Melt lamp series is now enriched with the addition of new table and floor lamps. From mesmerizing chandeliers to new rechargeable versions, this collection unveils a magnetic charm that invites you to craft settings of dreamlike elegance.

Constellation Cassiopea Lasvit
Constellation Polaris
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Designed by David Rockwell for Lasvit, Constellation transforms your walls into a breathtaking night sky spectacle. Available in ceiling, wall, and floor versions, Cassiopeia, Orion's Belt, and Polaris take center stage, creating an ethereal and fascinating experience in the space they grace.

Constellation Lasvit
Lasvit Constellation Tri Stars
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Lasvit Constellation Cassiopea
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Dew Drops Bomma

Bomma's Dew Drops project transforms the delicate beauty of dew drops on a blade of grass into iridescent crystal hemispheres gracefully cradled on a leather band. This suspension lamp exudes a profound poetic character, inviting you to craft unique light sculptures.

Dew Drops Vegan
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Dew Drops Sunspension Bomma
Bomma Dew Drops Leather
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“The Dew Drops Collection was created to capture the fleeting beauty of morning dew, clinging to blades of grass. We managed to transpose that magic to materialize the seemingly immaterial with lightness and grace.” – Boris Klimek

Dew Drops Floor Bomma
Vitra Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman
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Bomma Dew Drops Floor
BommaDew Drops Floor Shop online

Originally conceived as a pendant lamp, Dew Drops has now expanded its allure with floor and wall versions, gracefully translating the same romantic imagery onto new dimensions.

Dew Drops
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Argyle collection Rakumba

Taking its name from a captivating geometric pattern, the collection designed by Nichetto Studio for Rakumba Lighting draws inspiration from the mesmerizing hues of Australian colored diamonds. Through facetted glass elements, it skillfully captures and reflects light, creating an enchanting interplay of form and material.

Argyle C1
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Argyle D6
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Argyle A1
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Rakumba Argyle
Rakumba Lighting Argyle A1
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Rakumba Lighting Argyle D6
Rakumba LightingArgyle D6Shop online
&Tradition Isole
&TraditionIsole Shop online

The Argyle pendant lamp opens the door to limitless compositional possibilities. It can be employed as a singular statement piece, arranged to form a luminous gem-studded wall, or assembled into a captivating multi-module chandelier. Paired with the floor and table versions, it amplifies the magic, creating visually striking lighting settings that captivate the eye.

Argyle Rakumba Lighting

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