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Enchanting with light.

Lasvit's exclusive designer lamps in Bohemian glass.

Born in 2007 from the sublime union between the ancient craftsmanship of Northern Bohemian glassworks and the latest technology, Lasvit discloses the perfection of light through stunning shapes and installations, instantly recognizable all over the world. From private homes to hotels and cruise ships, the brand, which is the literal combination of Czech words Love and Light, designs bespoke lighting sculptures that can turn any living space into an elegant palace with their sophisticated beauty. The Lasvit signature lamp collection includes pieces by some of the world's most influential designers, such as Nendo, Zaha Hadid or Arik Levy.

    Cipher -LASVIT
    Growing  -LASVIT

    Many small hand-blown Bohemian glass cruets glow in the beautiful Growingvases lamp, a collaboration between Nendo and Lasvit. The lamp becomes a luminous and austere work of art that echoes the feeling of being immersed in a forest full of abstract branches, flowers and vases. Growingvases is a symbol of rebirth: it breaks conventions and becomes a composition that amazes with its dynamism and elegance.

    First introduced at Milano Design Week 2021, the Spacey table lamp shines like a precious stone, showcasing the exceptional appeal of color and its subtle nuances. Designer Lukáš Novák revives for Lasvit an ancient technique called "lithyalin", creating a marbled surface similar to that of a planet when observed from space. The simplicity and perfection of the sphere is highlighted by the eclectic design on the base, perfect to set the right mood.

    Crystal Rock -LASVIT
    Crystal Rock
    Clover -LASVIT
    Duna -LASVIT
    Spin  -LASVIT
    Uovo -LASVIT

    The Uovo suspension lamp, designed by Rony Plesl, is pure poetry. The apparently elementary silhouette becomes a complex and spectacular light structure. Each element, made of reflective glass, shines like a gem and reflects the surrounding objects, multiplying them over and over again. Its magnetic design amazes and enchants. Uovo is available in three different colors.

    Neverending  -LASVIT

    Envisioned as a single block of handcrafted glass, the Frozen suspension lamp was inspired by the changing of water into ice and once again celebrates nature and its countless forms. The irregular surface encapsulates all the beauty of chance, an ever-present element of nature. Designer Maxim Velčovský creates for Lasvit a "frozen" sculpture that manages to combine sophisticated textures with different details and thicknesses.

    Frozen -LASVIT

    Fun and colorful, the Lollipop suspension lamp by Lasvit combines simple shapes with the curiosity to experiment. Designer Boris Klimek makes use of the slumped technique to work amorphous glass plates of different sizes, revealing a new way of perceiving transparencies. The new colors and levels of gloss of the material make the object playful and intriguing. The Lollipop collection includes table lamps, suspension lamps and stand-alone lamps.

    Lollipop -LASVIT