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Lighting architecture: the balance between aesthetics and functionality

Leading lighting design companies explore new expressive constructions with recessed lights, pioneering innovative technological advances and reimagining domestic lighting archetypes.

Among the challenges faced by the lighting sector, balancing aesthetics and functionality is certainly the most important: lighting up a space without invading it, characterizing it but gently. This is how design advances in technique, with new manufacturing methods and unprecedented formal solutions. Perfect geometries and sophisticated motion mechanisms follow inspiration and production, reinterpreting lighting projects with a strong architectural impact.

The wide range of linear and point modules of recessed lamps allows for original, continuous and harmonious configurations that can be creatively integrated into any interior design project.

The choice of lights affects the whole mood of a house, enhancing and shaping its spaces. Recessed spotlights become an endless source of inspiration, thanks to the possibility of switching the light from warm to cold and changing the color as well as the intensity. Every detail is the result of a meticulous aesthetic and functional research, as for example Anthony by Flos, a cast aluminum radiator designed to ensure the best possible thermal management, allowing optimal performance of LED modules. The system, combined with a wide range of accessories and beam angle optics, provides an elegant, essential and pure solution.

Kreon's Down series offers several recessed spotlight solutions, suitable for various settings and needs: Down Directional is a fully recessed spotlight that can be adjusted with 360º rotational movement and 30º angle. Combining the spot, flood and wide flood optics of the TIR reflector provides an extremely versatile accent lighting tool.

Down wallwasher provides almost seamless illumination on vertical surfaces. This is possible due to the unique design of the optic, which is able to reflect light to the top of adjacent walls in a beam that covers a full 180º angle, while maintaining an effective downlight component.

Ever more versatile and customizable solutions enhance home environments, providing original bespoke compositions.

Artemide Architectural Indoor offers a wide range of products based on innovation and design competence, open and flexible systems that meet multiple needs, designing limitless luminous patterns of empty and full spaces. Algoritmo system - Diffused emission is a recessed system for ceiling or wall, with structural modules or prewired plates, which stands out in the living space like a subtle and slender visual expression.

Continuous linear light is an essential tool for architects and lighting designers. The Raggio lamp is an extremely thin recessed aluminum profile, oxidized and powder coated with a frontal opening and a step beam of light effect, designed by Claudio Silvestrin for Viabizzuno, it allows for multiple compositions.

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Among the main geometric shapes outlining a new interpretation and experience of light, the sphere is one of the protagonists, a symbol of perfection that is now halved by contemporary designers: cut in half, it looks like a hemispherical dome which can illuminate the room at will,

by highlighting a corner of the house with a diffused beam of light, it also defines its function. The Sky Garden Recessed lamp, with LED light source and a characteristic decorative frieze in photo-engraved and machined steel, is a design by Marcel Wanders for Flos.

In order to meet the creative needs of architects and designers and to combine aesthetics, technology and functionality, Delta Light presents two recessed lamps with a geometric shape that resembles the moon: the hemispherical Superdome 9528 and the cylindrical Supernova 9528 are lighting fixtures with a pure and simple shape that that provide impressive light and mood. Both are made of polycarbonate and feature dimmable light, perfect for creating a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere in large rooms.

Their flexibility and ability to create ever-changing settings is what lighting designers appreciate in concealed light sources: products that merge seamlessly with the surrounding space, producing pleasant diffused light. m1medio by Viabizzuno is a fully concealed indoor light fitting in plaster, while Pura is a minimalist wall lamp by Davide Groppi. Both remain silent, hiding from view and respecting the architectural space.

Davide GroppiNulla

The Nulla recessed ceiling lamp by Davide Groppi comes from an intense lighting work based on the idea of subtraction: the "light without source" is installed in the ceiling through a small hole that contains the body of the lamp. An invisible, magical and illusory project, micro light points draw small luminous architectures like a starry sky.

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