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Captivating lighting by Foscarini

Founded in Murano in 1981, Foscarini soon became one of the most representative companies of Made in Italy in the lighting sector. The collections of lamps bring together elegant and functional objects with a strong personality.

The search for new materials, even daring ones, and the experimentation with innovative lighting systems come together in the famous brand’s motto, “Making Light”, to transform and improve all living spaces, from private to commercial environments. Light spreads from sources of different shapes, beautiful when turned on and surprising when off, like the Nile, Tobia and Chouchin reverse 3 lamps, characterised by a poetic and contemporary look.

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Sculptural and dynamic, the Nile table lamp, created by Rodolfo Dordoni for Foscarini, looks like a work of art, even when turned off. The soft diffused light is cast upwards and downwards through the mouth-blown glass, creating a pleasing play of contrasts with the Carrara or Marquina marble of the base. Well-defined and angled shapes are combined in a geometric composition that seems to challenge the laws of physics, creating an amazing overall effect. Perfect for any setting, Nile becomes a functional reading lamp or a piece to admire.

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Inspired by the traditional Japanese bamboo and rice paper lanterns, the Chouchin Reverse 3 suspension lamp has been conceived in blown glass by the designer Ionna Vautrin. The poetry of distant worlds is represented by minimal lines and gentle contours. In the Reverse version, the white diffuser is available in different shapes and is characterised by a slim grey lower collar. At the same time, the diffused light is directed downwards, creating an original and warm effect. Perfect as a stand-alone piece or combined with other units, Chouchin Reverse 3 suits any style, thanks to its delicate elegance.

Its lightness is striking. The minimal lines, almost invisible, of the Tobia floor lamp make it a compact lamp, easy to move and highly functional. Made of metal and liquid painted or golden steel, it casts a powerful light directed upwards. It is dimmable and can thus be used as an additional light. The architect Ferruccio Laviani interprets the notion of simplicity for Foscarini: a fun, barely outlined feature able to convey character and personality. The thin metal tube which Tobia is made of creates a small knot that is not only an iconic detail, but also useful. The central part, indeed, serves as a practical handle allowing for the lamp to be moved easily in any part of the house.

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Its sinuous shapes and the central hole that interrupts the structure becoming a demarcation point, allude to many poetic references, like an emotional and etheric vision. The Madre table lamp has been conceived by the designer Andrea Anastasio to be used as a light source or as a vase in frosted borosilicate glass in the upper part that can host decorative branches or dry flowers. It is a unique and unexpected object, customisable by every user. Equipped with a dimmable LED unit, Madre is also beautiful when turned off, thanks to the central hole that creates depth and dynamism.

Born from the combination of two sculptural elements, the Gioia wall lamp from Foscarini looks like a jewel to be preserved with care, which expresses all its beauty when turned on. On one side, there is a large coloured plexiglass disc, whilst on the other side, in the centre, there is a piece of marble that conceals the light source. Both elements are free to move and they are linked together by a metal ring. Shapes, colours and materials blend into an object of exceptional beauty, designed by Andrea Attanasio to bring together past and present, tradition and modernity. Available in two different sizes, the Gioia lamp is dimmable.

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