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Louis Poulsen's Anniversary Collection celebrates 150 years of exceptional lighting design

It is no mere coincidence that Louis Poulsen's journey begins with the advent of electricity in Copenhagen. Started as a wine-importing business, the company transitioned into an electrical appliance store following the opening of Denmark's second power station in 1892. The rest is history. Today, Louis Poulsen celebrates 150 years of iconic and groundbreaking lighting, reintroducing three timeless classics in a special anniversary edition adorned with a delicate pale pink hue and exquisite brass details.

PH 5 Anniversary Edition
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In 1924, Louis Poulsen joined forces with the legendary lighting designer Poul Henningsen, who pioneered the three-shade lamp system to provide soft, anti-glare light. This collaboration gave life to the iconic PH Collection—a family of lamps that has since expanded to encompass over 30 versions. Over the years, the collection has been enriched with new technical details and materials, including glass, expressing a scientific approach to lighting.

PH 5 Anniversary Edition Louis Poulsen

In 1958, Poul Henningsen created the PH5 lamp following the principles of his three-shade system, providing soothing, glare-free illumination. Louis Poulsen's 150th anniversary special edition features a matte white exterior and a pale pink interior, complemented by elegant brass accents that emphasize the exclusivity of this design.

Louis Poulsen PH 5 Anniversary Edition
PH 5 Anniversary Edition Louis Poulsen Detail
PH Artichoke Anniversary Edition
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In addition, 1958 saw Poul Henningsen's creation of the PH Artichoke lamp for the Langelinie Pavilion restaurant in Copenhagen. This sculptural design features 72 carefully hand-assembled leaves that emit glare-free light while discreetly concealing the light source.

PH Artichoke Limited Edition Louis Poulsen

An iconic design, elevated to new heights of sophistication with the special anniversary edition, which pays homage to Poul Henningsen's original design, with copper exterior and a delicate pale pink interior. Each PH Artichoke Anniversary Edition bears engraved numbering.

PH Artichoke Limited Edition Louis Poulsen
AJ mini Anniversary Edition Louis Poulsen
AJ Mini Anniversary Edition
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The third Louis Poulsen icon to receive a touch of pink and brass in honor of the anniversary is the AJ Mini. Originally designed by Arne Jacobsen for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1957, the collection featured floor, wall, and table lamps. Its sleek, graphic silhouette has evolved over time with the introduction of new colors in keeping with changing interior trends.

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